Roman Turczyn
Roman Turczyn
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Synthesis and characterization of the electrically conductive polymeric composite for lightning strike protection of aircraft structures
A Katunin, K Krukiewicz, R Turczyn, P Sul, A Łasica, M Bilewicz
Composite Structures 159, 773-783, 2017
Recent attempts in the design of efficient PVC plasticizers with reduced migration
J Czogała, E Pankalla, R Turczyn
Materials 14 (4), 844, 2021
Gelation studies of a cellulose-based biohydrogel: The influence of pH, temperature and sterilization
A Fatimi, JF Tassin, R Turczyn, MAV Axelos, P Weiss
Acta biomaterialia 5 (9), 3423-3432, 2009
Fabrication and application of electrically conducting composites for electromagnetic interference shielding of remotely piloted aircraft systems
R Turczyn, K Krukiewicz, A Katunin, J Sroka, P Sul
Composite Structures 232, 111498, 2020
Pervaporation with chitosan membranes containing iron oxide nanoparticles
G Dudek, M Gnus, R Turczyn, A Strzelewicz, M Krasowska
Separation and Purification Technology 133, 8-15, 2014
Ultra-long carbon nanotube-paraffin composites of record thermal conductivity and high phase change enthalpy among paraffin-based heat storage materials
AW Kuziel, G Dzido, R Turczyn, RG Jędrysiak, A Kolanowska, A Tracz, ...
Journal of Energy Storage 36, 102396, 2021
Preparation and study of model magnetorheological fluids
R Turczyn, M Kciuk
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering 27 (2 …, 2008
Magnetorheological characterisation of carbonyl iron based suspension
M Kciuk, S Kciuk, R Turczyn
Journal of achievements in materials and manufacturing engineering 33 (2 …, 2009
An electrically controlled drug delivery system based on conducting poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxypyrrole) matrix
K Krukiewicz, P Zawisza, AP Herman, R Turczyn, S Boncel, JK Zak
Bioelectrochemistry 108, 13-20, 2016
In situ self hardening bioactive composite for bone and dental surgery
R Turczyn, P Weiss, M Lapkowski, G Daculsi
Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition 11 (2), 217-223, 2000
Pervaporative dehydration of ethanol/water mixture through hybrid alginate membranes with ferroferic oxide nanoparticles
G Dudek, R Turczyn, M Gnus, K Konieczny
Separation and Purification Technology 193, 398-407, 2018
Simulation of the movement of beads by the DEM with respect to the wet grinding process
D Gudin, R Turczyn, H Mio, J Kano, F Saito
AIChE journal 52 (10), 3421-3426, 2006
Observation of dual room temperature fluorescence–phosphorescence in air, in the crystal form of a thianthrene derivative
P Pander, A Swist, R Turczyn, S Pouget, D Djurado, A Lazauskas, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (43), 24958-24966, 2018
Lightning strike resistance of an electrically conductive CFRP with a CSA-doped PANI/epoxy matrix
A Katunin, K Krukiewicz, R Turczyn, P Sul, K Dragan
Composite Structures 181, 203-213, 2017
Structure, morphology and separation efficiency of hybrid Alg/Fe3O4 membranes in pervaporative dehydration of ethanol
G Dudek, M Krasowska, R Turczyn, M Gnus, A Strzelewicz
Separation and Purification Technology 182, 101-109, 2017
Studies of separation of vapours and gases through composite membranes with ferroferric oxide magnetic nanoparticles
G Dudek, R Turczyn, A Strzelewicz, M Krasowska, A Rybak, ZJ Grzywna
Separation and purification technology 109, 55-63, 2013
Experimental and numerical studies of MR damper with prototype magnetorheological fluid
S Kciuk, R Turczyn, M Kciuk
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering 39 (1), 53-59, 2010
New type of alginate/chitosan microparticle membranes for highly efficient pervaporative dehydration of ethanol
G Dudek, R Turczyn
RSC advances 8 (69), 39567-39578, 2018
A spectrophotometric method for plant pigments determination and herbs classification
G Dudek, A Strzelewicz, M Krasowska, A Rybak, R Turczyn
Chemical Papers 68 (5), 579-583, 2014
Preparation and characterization of iron oxides–polymer composite membranes
G Dudek, R Turczyn, A Strzelewicz, A Rybak, M Krasowska, ZJ Grzywna
Separation Science and Technology 47 (9), 1390-1394, 2012
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