Khosrow Hassani
Khosrow Hassani
Associate Professor of Physics, University of Tehran
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Citované v
Citované v
High precision refractometry based on Fresnel diffraction from phase plates
MT Tavassoly, R Rezvani Naraghi, A Nahal, K Hassani
Optics Letters 37 (9), 1493-1495, 2012
Application of Fresnel diffraction from a phase step to the measurement of film thickness
MT Tavassoly, I Moaddel Haghighi, K and Hassani
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Nanometer displacement measurement using Fresnel diffraction
AA Khorshad, K Hassani, MT Tavassoly
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Application of white light Fresnel diffractometry to film thickness measurement
K Hassani, M Ashrafganjoie, MT Tavassoly
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Measurement of the full complex degree of coherence using Fresnel diffraction from a phase discontinuity
H Hooshmand-Ziafi, M Dashtdar, K Hassani
Optics Letters 45 (13), 3737-3740, 2020
Common-path spatial phase-shift speckle shearography using a glass plate
H Hooshmand-Ziafi, M Dashtdar, K Hassani, M Motallebi-Araghi
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Application of Fresnel diffraction from a phase step to determination of the spectral line profile
K Hassani, A Jabbari, MT Tavassoly
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Thin film characterization with a simple Stokes ellipsometer
K Hassani, K Abbaszadeh
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X-ray diffraction imaging of strain fields in a domain-inverted LiTaO3 crystal
K Hassani, M Sutton, M Holt, Y Zuo, D Plant
Journal of Applied Physics 104 (4), 2008
Dual-sensitive spatial phase-shifting shearography based on a common-path configuration
H Hooshmand-Ziafi, K Hassani, M Dashtdar
Optical Engineering 58 (11), 114104-114104, 2019
Variation of index of refraction in the ion-exchanged glasses with the evolution of ionic and neutral silver nano-clusters
A Nahal, A Jalehdoost, K Hassani, A Farokhniaee
The European Physical Journal-Applied Physics 53 (1), 10701, 2011
Surface profilometry using the incoherent self-imaging technique in reflection mode
K Hassani, A Nahal, N Tirandazi
Journal of Applied Physics 123 (3), 2018
Determination of the spectral line profile using a phase gradient step and stationary Fourier transform spectroscopy
A Jabbari, K Hassani, MT Tavassoly
Applied Optics 58 (19), 5353-5359, 2019
Modified matching Ronchi test to visualize lens aberrations
K Hassani, HH Ziafi
European journal of physics 32 (5), 1385, 2011
X-ray microdiffraction imaging of a silicon microcantilever
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Journal of applied physics 101 (6), 2007
Applications of digital speckle pattern shearing interferometry in characterization of fluids
K Hassani, SM Shiva
Applied Optics 60 (36), 11027-11033, 2021
Simulation of the Ronchi test for arbitrary wave aberrations in imaging systems
K Hassani
European Journal of Physics 42 (2), 025301, 2021
In-plane deformation gradient measurement using common-path spatial phase shift shearography
H Hooshmand-Ziafi, K Hassani, M Dashtdar
Optical Methods for Inspection, Characterization, and Imaging of …, 2019
Digital speckle shearography setup to measure the field-induced strain map in piezoelectric materials
H Hooshmand-Ziafi, K Hassani, M Motallebi-Araghi, M Dashtdar
Review of Scientific Instruments 91 (11), 2020
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