Ralf Everaers
Ralf Everaers
Professor of Physics, ENS de Lyon, France
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Citované v
Rheology and microscopic topology of entangled polymeric liquids
R Everaers, SK Sukumaran, GS Grest, C Svaneborg, A Sivasubramanian, ...
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Structure and dynamics of interphase chromosomes
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Interaction potentials for soft and hard ellipsoids
R Everaers, MR Ejtehadi
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Single-base resolution mapping of H1–nucleosome interactions and 3D organization of the nucleosome
SH Syed, D Goutte-Gattat, N Becker, S Meyer, MS Shukla, JJ Hayes, ...
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R Potestio, S Fritsch, P Espanol, R Delgado-Buscalioni, K Kremer, ...
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Dynamic fluctuations of semiflexible filaments
R Everaers, F Jülicher, A Ajdari, AC Maggs
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Kremer–Grest models for commodity polymer melts: Linking theory, experiment, and simulation at the Kuhn scale
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R Everaers
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Topological versus rheological entanglement length in primitive-path analysis protocols, tube models, and slip-link models
R Everaers
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R Everaers, K Kremer
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Test of the foundations of classical rubber elasticity
R Everaers, K Kremer
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GS Grest, M Pütz, R Everaers, K Kremer
Journal of non-crystalline solids 274 (1-3), 139-146, 2000
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