Muhammad Naseem
Muhammad Naseem
Assistant Professor, Zayed University Abu Dhabi and University of Wuerzburg
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Citované v
Cytokinins mediate resistance against Pseudomonas syringae in tobacco through increased antimicrobial phytoalexin synthesis independent of salicylic acid signaling
DK Großkinsky, M Naseem, UR Abdelmohsen, N Plickert, T Engelke, ...
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The role of auxin-cytokinin antagonism in plant-pathogen interactions
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Integrated systems view on networking by hormones in Arabidopsis immunity reveals multiple crosstalk for cytokinin
M Naseem, N Philippi, A Hussain, G Wangorsch, N Ahmed, T Dandekar
The Plant Cell 24 (5), 1793-1814, 2012
The nexus between growth and defence signalling: auxin and cytokinin modulate plant immune response pathways
M Naseem, M Kaltdorf, T Dandekar
Journal of experimental botany 66 (16), 4885-4896, 2015
Post-translational derepression of invertase activity in source leaves via down-regulation of invertase inhibitor expression is part of the plant defense response
KB Bonfig, A Gabler, UK Simon, N Luschin-Ebengreuth, M Hatz, S Berger, ...
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Allelopathic effects of sunflower water extract on weed control and wheat productivity
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Pak. J. Weed Sci. Res 15 (1), 107-116, 2009
Cytokinins for immunity beyond growth, galls and green islands
M Naseem, M Wölfling, T Dandekar
Trends in Plant Science 19 (8), 481-484, 2014
Effect of potassium chloride and sodium bicarbonate supplementation on thermotolerance of broilers exposed to heat stress
MT Naseem, S Naseem, M Younus, IC Zafar, G Aamir, A Asim, S Akhter
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How many salicylic acid receptors does a plant cell need?
M Kaltdorf, M Naseem
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Probing the Unknowns in Cytokinin-Mediated Immune Defense in Arabidopsis with Systems Biology Approaches
M Naseem, M Kunz, T Dandekar
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Allelopathic effects of sunflower aqueous extracts on germination of wheat and some important wheat weeds
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Plant-pathogen maneuvering over apoplastic sugars
M Naseem, M Kunz, T Dandekar,
Trends in Plant Science, 2017
LONELY-GUY knocks every door: crosskingdom microbial pathogenesis
M Naseem, E Sarukhanyan, T Dandekar
Trends in plant science 20 (12), 781-783, 2015
Integration of boolean models on hormonal interactions and prospects of cytokinin-auxin crosstalk in plant immunity
M Naseem, M Kunz, N Ahmed, T Dandekar
Plant Signaling & Behavior 8 (4), e23890, 2013
The Cytokinin-Activating LOG-Family Proteins Are Not Lysine Decarboxylases
M Naseem, E Bencurova, T Dandekar
Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 2018
Synthesis of Nitrogen-doped Ceria Nanoparticles in Deep Eutectic Solvent for the Degradation of Sulfamethaxazole under Solar Irradiation and Additional Antibacterial Activities
J Iqbal, NS Shah, M Sayed, JA Khan, N Muhammad, ZUH Khan, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal, 124869, 2020
Synthetic Rewiring of Plant CO2 Sequestration Galvanizes Plant Biomass Production
M Naseem, Ö Osmanoglu, T Dandekar
Trends in Biotechnology 38 (4), 354-359, 2020
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