Dorota Witkowska
Citované v
Citované v
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The effectiveness of peppermint and thyme essential oil mist in reducing bacterial contamination in broiler houses
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Partial and Total Replacement of Soybean Meal with Full-Fat Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens L.) Larvae Meal in Broiler Chicken Diets: Impact on Growth …
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Effect of peppermint and thyme essential oil mist on performance and physiological parameters in broiler chickens
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Identification of Microbial and Gaseous Contaminants in Poultry Farms and Developing Methods for Contamination Prevention at the Source
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Wartość odżywcza mięsa kurcząt brojlerów transportowanych na różne odległości
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Prevalence of Salmonella spp. in broiler chicken flocks in northern Poland in 2014–2016
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The Antifungal Properties of Peppermint and Thyme Essential Oils Misted in Broiler Houses
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Suitability of layer-type male chicks for capon production
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Effect of disinfectants on physicochemical parameters of litter, microbiological quality of poultry house air, health status and performance of broiler chickens.
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Contents of macro-and microelements in blood serum and breast muscle of broiler chickens subjected to different variants of pre-slaughter handling.
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Analysis of noxious gas pollution in horse stable air
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The effect of a disinfectant on the ammonia concentration on the surface of litter, air and the pathomorphological picture of kidneys and livers in broiler chickens
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Volatile gas concentrations in turkey houses estimated by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
D Witkowska
British poultry science 54 (3), 289-297, 2013
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