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Cannabinoids: occurrence and medicinal chemistry
G Appendino, G Chianese, O Taglialatela-Scafati
Current medicinal chemistry 18 (7), 1085-1099, 2011
Antiplasmodial Triterpenoids from the Fruits of Neem, Azadirachta indica
G Chianese, SR Yerbanga, L Lucantoni, A Habluetzel, N Basilico, ...
Journal of Natural Products 73 (8), 1448-1452, 2010
Antimicrobial Phenolics and Unusual Glycerides from Helichrysum italicum subsp. microphyllum
O Taglialatela-Scafati, F Pollastro, G Chianese, A Minassi, S Gibbons, ...
Journal of natural products 76 (3), 346-353, 2013
Cannabioxepane, a novel tetracyclic cannabinoid from hemp, Cannabis sativa L.
A Pagani, F Scala, G Chianese, G Grassi, G Appendino, ...
Tetrahedron 67 (19), 3369-3373, 2011
Mapping the Surface Microbiome and Metabolome of Brown Seaweed Fucus vesiculosus by Amplicon Sequencing, Integrated Metabolomics and Imaging …
D Parrot, M Blümel, C Utermann, G Chianese, S Krause, A Kovalev, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1061, 2019
Anti-inflammatory sesquiterpene lactones from Onopordum illyricum L.(Asteraceae), an Italian medicinal plant
C Formisano, C Sanna, M Ballero, G Chianese, C Sirignano, D Rigano, ...
Fitoterapia 116, 61-65, 2017
Jatrophanes from Euphorbia squamosa as Potent Inhibitors of Candida albicans Multidrug Transporters
MK Rawal, Y Shokoohinia, G Chianese, B Zolfaghari, G Appendino, ...
Journal of natural products 77 (12), 2700-2706, 2014
Spirocurcasone, a Diterpenoid with a Novel Carbon Skeleton from Jatropha curcas
G Chianese, E Fattorusso, OO Aiyelaagbe, P Luciano, HC Schroder, ...
Organic letters 13 (2), 316-319, 2011
Italian vascular flora: New findings, updates and exploration of floristic similarities between regions
A Stinca, CM Musarella, L Rosati, VLA Laface, W Licht, E Fanfarillo, ...
Diversity 13 (11), 600, 2021
Turmeric sesquiterpenoids: expeditious resolution, comparative bioactivity, and a new bicyclic turmeronoid
D Del Prete, E Millán, F Pollastro, G Chianese, P Luciano, JA Collado, ...
Journal of natural products 79 (2), 267-273, 2016
The oxidation of phytocannabinoids to cannabinoquinoids
D Caprioglio, D Mattoteia, F Pollastro, R Negri, A Lopatriello, G Chianese, ...
Journal of Natural Products 83 (5), 1711-1715, 2020
Transmission blocking effects of neem (Azadirachta indica) seed kernel limonoids on Plasmodium berghei early sporogonic development
S Tapanelli, G Chianese, L Lucantoni, RS Yerbanga, A Habluetzel, ...
Fitoterapia 114, 122-126, 2016
Neuroactive and anti-inflammatory frankincense cembranes: a structure–activity study
F Pollastro, S Golin, G Chianese, MY Putra, A Schiano Moriello, ...
Journal of natural products 79 (7), 1762-1768, 2016
Notulae to the Italian alien vascular flora: 5
G Galasso, G Domina, M Adorni, NMG Ardenghi, G Bonari, S Buono, ...
Italian Botanist 5, 45-56, 2018
Antiproliferative activity against leukemia cells of sesquiterpene lactones from the Turkish endemic plant Centaurea drabifolia subsp. detonsa
C Formisano, C Sirignano, D Rigano, G Chianese, G Zengin, EJ Seo, ...
Fitoterapia 120, 98-102, 2017
Aurantoside J: a New Tetramic Acid Glycoside from Theonella swinhoei. Insights into the Antifungal Potential of Aurantosides
RF Angawi, G Bavestrello, B Calcinai, HA Dien, G Donnarumma, ...
Marine drugs 9 (12), 2809-2817, 2011
Sesquiterpenoids from Common Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.), an Invasive Biological Polluter
O Taglialatela‐Scafati, F Pollastro, A Minassi, G Chianese, ...
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2012 (27), 5162-5170, 2012
Amorfrutin-type phytocannabinoids from Helichrysum umbraculigerum
F Pollastro, L De Petrocellis, A Schiano-Moriello, G Chianese, H Heyman, ...
Fitoterapia 123, 13-17, 2017
Humudifucol and Bioactive Prenylated Polyphenols from Hops (Humulus lupulus cv. “Cascade”)
M Forino, S Pace, G Chianese, L Santagostini, M Werner, C Weinigel, ...
Journal of Natural Products 79 (3), 590-597, 2016
New alien vascular species for the flora of southern Italy
A Stinca, G Chianese, G D’Auria, E Del Guacchio, S Fascetti, EV Perrino, ...
Webbia 72 (2), 295-301, 2017
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