Martin Vinck
Martin Vinck
Research Group Leader at ESI for Neuroscience, Professor, University of Nijmegen.
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An improved index of phase-synchronization for electrophysiological data in the presence of volume-conduction, noise and sample-size bias
M Vinck, R Oostenveld, M van Wingerden, F Battaglia, C Pennartz
Neuroimage 55 (4), 1548-1565, 2011
Arousal and locomotion make distinct contributions to cortical activity patterns and visual encoding
M Vinck, R Batista-Brito, U Knoblich, JA Cardin
Neuron 86 (3), 740-754, 2015
Waking State: Rapid Variations Modulate Neural and Behavioral Responses
MJ McGinley*, M Vinck*, J Reimer*, R Batista-Brito, E Zagha, CR Cadwell, ...
Neuron 87 (6), 1143-1161, 2015
The pairwise phase consistency: a bias-free measure of rhythmic neuronal synchronization
M Vinck, M Van Wingerden, T Womelsdorf, P Fries, C Pennartz
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Investigating large-scale brain dynamics using field potential recordings: analysis and interpretation
B Pesaran, M Vinck, GT Einevoll, A Sirota, P Fries, M Siegel, W Truccolo, ...
Nature neuroscience 21 (7), 903-919, 2018
Theta-activity in anterior cingulate cortex predicts task rules and their adjustments following errors
T Womelsdorf, K Johnston, M Vinck, S Everling
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Gamma-phase shifting in awake monkey visual cortex
M Vinck, B Lima, T Womelsdorf, R Oostenveld, W Singer, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (4), 1250-1257, 2010
Attentional Modulation of Cell-Class-Specific Gamma-Band Synchronization in Awake Monkey Area V4
M Vinck, T Womelsdorf, EA Buffalo, R Desimone, P Fries
Neuron 80 (4), 1077-1089, 2013
Selective theta-synchronization of choice-relevant information subserves goal-directed behavior
T Womelsdorf, M Vinck, LS Leung, S Everling
Frontiers in human neuroscience 4, 2010
Improved measures of phase-coupling between spikes and the Local Field Potential
M Vinck, FP Battaglia, T Womelsdorf, C Pennartz
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Developmental dysfunction of VIP interneurons impairs cortical circuits
R Batista-Brito*, M Vinck*, KA Ferguson, JT Chang, D Laubender, G Lur, ...
Neuron 95 (4), 884-895. e9, 2017
A long-range fronto-parietal 5-to 10-Hz network predicts “top-down” controlled guidance in a task-switch paradigm
JM Phillips, M Vinck, S Everling, T Womelsdorf
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Orientation selectivity and noise correlation in awake monkey area V1 are modulated by the gamma cycle
T Womelsdorf*, B Lima*, M Vinck*, R Oostenveld, W Singer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (11), 4302-4307, 2012
Oscillatory Dynamics and Place Field Maps Reflect Hippocampal Ensemble Processing of Sequence and Place Memory under NMDA Receptor Control
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Neuron 81 (2), 402-415, 2014
Specific contributions of ventromedial, anterior cingulate, and lateral prefrontal cortex for attentional selection and stimulus valuation
D Kaping, M Vinck, RM Hutchison, S Everling, T Womelsdorf
PLoS biology 9 (12), e1001224, 2011
Stimulus repetition modulates gamma-band synchronization in primate visual cortex
NM Brunet*, CA Bosman*, M Vinck*, M Roberts, R Oostenveld, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (9), 3626-3631, 2014
Theta-band phase locking of orbitofrontal neurons during reward expectancy
M van Wingerden, M Vinck, J Lankelma, CMA Pennartz
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (20), 7078-7087, 2010
A mechanism for inter-areal coherence through communication based on connectivity and oscillatory power
M Schneider, AC Broggini, B Dann, A Tzanou, C Uran, S Sheshadri, ...
Neuron 109 (24), 4050-4067. e12, 2021
Learning-associated gamma-band phase-locking of action–outcome selective neurons in orbitofrontal cortex
M van Wingerden*, M Vinck*, JV Lankelma, CMA Pennartz
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (30), 10025-10038, 2010
Mapping of functionally characterized cell classes onto canonical circuit operations in primate prefrontal cortex
S Ardid, M Vinck, D Kaping, S Marquez, S Everling, T Womelsdorf
Journal of Neuroscience 35 (7), 2975-2991, 2015
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