Filip Tirpák
Filip Tirpák
Department of Animal Physiology, Slovak University of Agriculture
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Citované v
Trace elements content in semen and their interactions with sperm quality and RedOx status in freshwater fish Cyprinus carpio: A correlation study
A Kovacik, F Tirpak, M Tomka, M Miskeje, E Tvrda, J Arvay, J Andreji, ...
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Exogenous factors affecting the functional integrity of male reproduction
F Tirpák, H Greifová, N Lukáč, R Stawarz, P Massányi
Life 11 (3), 213, 2021
Effect of taurine on turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) spermatozoa viability and motility
T Slanina, M Miškeje, F Tirpák, M Błaszczyk, R Stawarz, P Massányi
Czech Journal of Animal Science 63 (4), 127-135, 2018
Caffeine strongly improves motility parameters of turkey spermatozoa with no effect on cell viability
T Slanina, M Miškeje, F Tirpák, M Błaszczyk, G Formicki, P Massányi
Acta Veterinaria Hungarica 66 (1), 137-150, 2018
Composition of stallion seminal plasma and its impact on oxidative stress markers and spermatozoa quality
F Tirpák, M Halo Jr, K Tokárová, LJ Binkowski, J Vašíček, A Svoradová, ...
Life 11 (11), 1238, 2021
Effects of dietary plant polyphenols and seaweed extract mixture on male-rabbit semen: Quality traits and antioxidant markers
F Vizzari, M Massányi, N Knížatová, C Corino, R Rossi, Ľ Ondruška, ...
Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 28 (1), 1017-1025, 2021
Biochemical parameters of seminal plasma affect motility traits of stallion spermatozoa
M Halo Jr, F Tirpák, A Kováčik, P Lípová, A Greń, P Massányi
The Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 7 (5), 516, 2018
Effect of taurine on bovine spermatozoa motility parameters following cryopreservation
F Tirpak, T Slanina, M Ofúkaný, N Lukáč, P Massányi
Slovak Journal of Animal Science 48 (2), 49-56, 2015
Low taurine concentrations possitively affect rabbit spermatozoa properties in later time intervals
F Tirpák, T Slanina, A Kováčik, Ľ Ondruška, P Massányi
Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 2021, 128-131, 2021
Lippia citriodora (verbascoside) extract supplementation: Effect on rabbit semen quality in vivo and in vitro
F Vizzarri, M Palazzo, D Casamassima, L Ondruska, M Massanyi, F Tirpak, ...
Czech Journal of Animal Science 64 (1), 1-10, 2019
Exposure to non‐ionizing electromagnetic radiation of public risk prevention instruments threatens the quality of spermatozoids
F Tirpak, T Slanina, M Tomka, R Zidek, M Halo Jr, P Ivanic, A Gren, ...
Reproduction in Domestic Animals 54 (2), 150-159, 2019
Zinc affects rabbit spermatozoa in vitro: effects on motility and viability
M Halo Jr, F Tirpák, A Daňo, K Zbyňovská, A Kováčik, Ľ Ondruška, A Greń, ...
The Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 8 (3), 901, 2018
Effects of Selected Metal Nanoparticles (Ag, ZnO, TiO2) on the Structure and Function of Reproductive Organs
L Dianová, F Tirpák, M Halo, T Slanina, M Massányi, R Stawarz, ...
Toxics 10 (8), 459, 2022
High taurine concentrations negatively effect stallion spermatozoa parameters in vitro
M Halo Jr, M Massányi, K Tokárová, F Tirpák, H Greifová, D Solár, M Halo, ...
Acta Fytotech. Zootech 24, 15-19, 2021
Influence of gentamicin on the specific cell culture (BHK-21) in vitro
A Kováčik, E Tušimová, E Tvrdá, D Fülöpová, P Čupka, F Tirpák, ...
Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 2021, 983-986, 2021
The effects of caffeine on the motility and viability of stallion spermatozoa at different temperature conditions
M Halo Jr, F Tirpák, M Massányi, J Kováč, E Mlyneková, A Greń, M Halo, ...
Acta Veterinaria Hungarica 70 (2), 143-148, 2022
Sperm Quality Affected by Naturally Occurring Chemical Elements in Bull Seminal Plasma
F Tirpák, M Halo, M Tomka, T Slanina, K Tokárová, M Błaszczyk-Altman, ...
Antioxidants 11 (9), 1796, 2022
T Jambor, N Knizatova, V Valkova, F Tirpak, H Greifova, A Kovacik, ...
Journal of microbiology, biotechnology and food sciences 12 (1), e5870-e5870, 2022
A Non-Synonymous Point Mutation in a WD-40 Domain Repeat of EML5 Leads to Decreased Bovine Sperm Quality and Fertility
E Nogueira, F Tirpák, LE Hamilton, M Zigo, K Kerns, M Sutovsky, JW Kim, ...
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 10, 2022
A Combination of Taurine and Caffeine in Stallion Semen Extender Positively Affects the Spermatozoa Parameters
M Halo, F Tirpák, T Slanina, K Tokárová, M Massányi, L Dianová, ...
Cells 12 (2), 320, 2023
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