Krzysztof Burnecki
Krzysztof Burnecki
Hugo Steinhas Center, Faculty of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Wroclaw University of Science and
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Citované v
Citované v
Fractional Brownian motion versus the continuous-time random walk: A simple test for subdiffusive dynamics
M Magdziarz, A Weron, K Burnecki, J Klafter
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Single-molecule imaging reveals receptor–G protein interactions at cell surface hot spots
T Sungkaworn, ML Jobin, K Burnecki, A Weron, MJ Lohse, D Calebiro
Nature 550 (7677), 543-547, 2017
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E Kepten, A Weron, G Sikora, K Burnecki, Y Garini
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A Weron, K Burnecki, S Mercik, K Weron
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K Burnecki, A Weron
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AA Stanislavsky, K Burnecki, M Magdziarz, A Weron, K Weron
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Pricing of catastrophe bonds
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The Lamperti transformation for self-similar processes: Dedicated to the memory of Stamatis Cambanis
K Burnecki, M Maejima, A Weron
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Algorithms for testing of fractional dynamics: a practical guide to ARFIMA modelling
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G Sikora, K Burnecki, A Wyłomańska
Physical Review E 95 (3), 032110, 2017
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