Benjamin VINCENT
Benjamin VINCENT
Coventor (a LAM Research Company)
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Citované v
Method for growing a monocrystalline tin-containing semiconductor material
B Vincent, F Gencarelli, R Loo, M Caymax
Undoped and in-situ B doped GeSn epitaxial growth on Ge by atmospheric pressure-chemical vapor deposition
B Vincent, F Gencarelli, H Bender, C Merckling, B Douhard, DH Petersen, ...
Applied Physics Letters 99 (15), 2011
GeSn/Ge heterostructure short-wave infrared photodetectors on silicon
A Gassenq, F Gencarelli, J Van Campenhout, Y Shimura, R Loo, G Narcy, ...
Optics express 20 (25), 27297-27303, 2012
Crystalline properties and strain relaxation mechanism of CVD grown GeSn
F Gencarelli, B Vincent, J Demeulemeester, A Vantomme, A Moussa, ...
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 2 (4), P134, 2013
Characterization of GeSn materials for future Ge pMOSFETs source/drain stressors
B Vincent, Y Shimura, S Takeuchi, T Nishimura, G Eneman, A Firrincieli, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 88 (4), 342-346, 2011
The Complementary FET (CFET) for CMOS scaling beyond N3
J Ryckaert, P Schuddinck, P Weckx, G Bouche, B Vincent, J Smith, ...
2018 IEEE Symposium on Vlsi Technology, 141-142, 2018
Silicon-based photonic integration beyond the telecommunication wavelength range
G Roelkens, UD Dave, A Gassenq, N Hattasan, C Hu, B Kuyken, F Leo, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 20 (4), 394-404, 2014
Low-temperature Ge and GeSn chemical vapor deposition using Ge2H6
F Gencarelli, B Vincent, L Souriau, O Richard, W Vandervorst, R Loo, ...
Thin Solid Films 520 (8), 3211-3215, 2012
Challenges and opportunities in advanced Ge pMOSFETs
E Simoen, J Mitard, G Hellings, G Eneman, B De Jaeger, L Witters, ...
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 15 (6), 588-600, 2012
Silicon-based heterogeneous photonic integrated circuits for the mid-infrared
G Roelkens, U Dave, A Gassenq, N Hattasan, C Hu, B Kuyken, F Leo, ...
Optical Materials Express 3 (9), 1523-1536, 2013
Advancing CMOS beyond the Si roadmap with Ge and III/V devices
M Heyns, A Alian, G Brammertz, M Caymax, YC Chang, LK Chu, ...
2011 International Electron Devices Meeting, 13.1. 1-13.1. 4, 2011
High quality Germanium-On-Insulator wafers with excellent hole mobility
QT Nguyen, JF Damlencourt, B Vincent, L Clavelier, Y Morand, P Gentil, ...
Solid-State Electronics 51 (9), 1172-1179, 2007
FinFET device with dual-strained channels and method for manufacturing thereof
G Eneman, B Vincent, VY Thean
US Patent 9,171,904, 2015
Contact resistivity and Fermi-level pinning in n-type Ge contacts with epitaxial Si-passivation
K Martens, R Rooyackers, A Firrincieli, B Vincent, R Loo, B De Jaeger, ...
Applied Physics Letters 98 (1), 2011
Stacking fault generation during relaxation of silicon germanium on insulator layers obtained by the Ge condensation technique
B Vincent, JF Damlencourt, V Delaye, R Gassilloud, L Clavelier, Y Morand
Applied physics letters 90 (7), 2007
Fabrication of SiGe-on-insulator substrates by a condensation technique: An experimental and modelling study
B Vincent, JF Damlencourt, P Rivallin, E Nolot, C Licitra, Y Morand, ...
Semiconductor science and technology 22 (3), 237, 2007
Towards high mobility GeSn channel nMOSFETs: Improved surface passivation using novel ozone oxidation method
S Gupta, B Vincent, B Yang, D Lin, F Gencarelli, JYJ Lin, R Chen, ...
2012 International Electron Devices Meeting, 16.2. 1-16.2. 4, 2012
Stress simulations for optimal mobility group IV p-and nMOS FinFETs for the 14 nm node and beyond
G Eneman, DP Brunco, L Witters, B Vincent, P Favia, A Hikavyy, ...
2012 International Electron Devices Meeting, 6.5. 1-6.5. 4, 2012
Ge1− xSnx stressors for strained-Ge CMOS
S Takeuchi, Y Shimura, T Nishimura, B Vincent, G Eneman, T Clarysse, ...
Solid-State Electronics 60 (1), 53-57, 2011
Study of ohmic contacts to n-type Ge: Snowplow and laser activation
A Firrincieli, K Martens, R Rooyackers, B Vincent, E Rosseel, E Simoen, ...
Applied Physics Letters 99 (24), 2011
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