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Prevalence of Francisella tularensis and Francisella-Like Endosymbionts in the Tick Population of Hungary and the Genetic Variability of Francisella-Like Agents
Z Kreizinger, S Hornok, Á Dán, S Hresko, L Makrai, T Magyar, M Bhide, ...
Vector-borne and Zoonotic Diseases 13 (3), 160-163, 2013
Prion protein gene polymorphism in healthy and BSE-affected Slovak cattle
S Hreško, M Mojžiš, Ľ Tkáčiková
Journal of applied genetics 50 (4), 371-374, 2009
Deciphering the interface between a CD40 receptor and borrelial ligand OspA
P Mlynarcik, L Pulzova, E Bencurova, A Kovac, MA Dominguez, S Hresko, ...
Microbiological research 170, 51-60, 2015
Variable regions in the sushi domains 6–7 and 19–20 of factor H in animals and human lead to change in the affinity to factor H binding protein of Borrelia
M Bhide, K Bhide, L Pulzova, M Madar, P Mlynarcik, E Bencurova, ...
Journal of proteomics 75 (14), 4520-4528, 2012
Rapid in vitro protein synthesis pipeline: a promising tool for cost-effective protein array design
M Bhide, S Natarajan, S Hresko, C Aguilar, E Bencurova
Molecular BioSystems 10 (6), 1236-1245, 2014
Development of simple and rapid elution methods for proteins from various affinity beads for their direct MALDI-TOF downstream application
P Mlynarcik, E Bencurova, M Madar, R Mucha, L Pulzova, S Hresko, ...
Journal of proteomics 75 (14), 4529-4535, 2012
Identification of new phosphorylation sites of CD23 in B-cells of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia
M Maďarová, R Mucha, S Hresko, Z Makarová, Z Gdovinová, J Szilasiová, ...
Leukemia research 70, 25-33, 2018
The influence of fungal β-glucan on nonspecific immunity in broiler chicks
A Šamudovská, V Spišáková, M Demeterová, S Hreško
Acta veterinaria 62 (5-6), 511-519, 2012
Trypanosoma brucei brucei binds human complement regulatory protein C4BP
S Dolinska, S Hresko, M Vincova, L Pulzova, E Bencurova, P Mlynarcik, ...
Farm animal proteomics 2013, 132-134, 2013
Rapid protein production pipeline in advanced inducible Leishmania tarentolae expression system
S Hresko, P Mlynarcik, L Pulzova, E Bencurova, R Mucha, T Csank, ...
Farm animal proteomics, 75-79, 2012
Identification of amino acid residues of OspA of Borrelia involved in binding to CD40 receptor
P Mlynarcik, L Pulzova, S Hresko, E Bencurova, S Dolinska, A Kovac, ...
Farm animal proteomics 2013, 107-111, 2013
Adhesion of Francisella to endothelial cells is also mediated by OmpA: ICAM-1 interaction
R Mucha, E Bencurova, M Cepkova, P Mlynarcik, M Madar, L Pulzova, ...
Farm animal proteomics, 94-97, 2012
Analysis of Polymorphisms of Prion Protein Gene in Selected Cattle Breeds
S Hreško, Ľ Tkáčiková
KALAFuSOVá, S., STANIČOVá J., GbuR, P., MIšKOVSKý, P., JANcuRA, d …, 2009
Genotypization of the prp gene of the ruminants
Ľ Tkáčiková, S Hreško
Journal of Agrobiology 25 (1), 109-111, 2008
Advanced method for recombinant protein synthesis in inducible Leishmania expression system
S Hresko, M Cepkova, L Pulzova, P Mlynarcik, E Bencurova, R Mucha, ...
International Journal of Infectious Diseases 16, e466, 2012
Variation in the coding region of the prion protein gene in Slovak cattle
S Hreško, Ľ Tkáčiková
Acta Veterinaria Hungarica 60 (2), 233-243, 2012
OspA: CD40 interaction plays role in crossing of Borrelia cross of brain microvascular endothelial cell: P2043
L Pulzova, A Kovac, R Mucha, S Hresko, P Mlynarcik, E Bencurova, ...
Clinical Microbiology & Infection 18, 589-590, 2012
Identification of adhesion proteins involved in crossing of blood-brain barrier byFrancisella tularensissubsp. holarctica: P2031
R Mucha, M Madar, L Pulzova, S Hresko, E Bencurova, P Mlynarcik, ...
Clinical Microbiology & Infection 18, 585-586, 2012
Experimental validation of the predicted binding site of outer surface protein A of neuroinvasiveBorrelia gariniito CD40 of brain microvascular endothelial cells: P2044
P Mlynarcik, L Pulzova, R Mucha, E Bencurova, M Madar, S Hresko, ...
Clinical Microbiology & Infection 18, 2012
Human vitronectin protectsFrancisellaandBorreliaagainst complement mediated lysis: P2045
M Marian, S Hresko, R Mucha, E Bencurova, P Mlynarcik, L Pulzova, ...
Clinical Microbiology & Infection 18, 2012
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