Alicia Mastretta-Yanes
Alicia Mastretta-Yanes
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Citované v
Restriction site‐associated DNA sequencing, genotyping error estimation and de novo assembly optimization for population genetic inference
A Mastretta‐Yanes, N Arrigo, N Alvarez, TH Jorgensen, D Piñero, ...
Molecular ecology resources 15 (1), 28-41, 2015
Biodiversity in the Mexican highlands and the interaction of geology, geography and climate within the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt
Mastretta-Yanes A, Moreno-Letelier A, P D, J Tove H, E Brent C
Journal of Biogeography, 2015
Evolutionary and food supply implications of ongoing maize domestication by Mexican campesinos
MR Bellon, A Mastretta-Yanes, A Ponce-Mendoza, D Ortiz-Santamaría, ...
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Genomic variation in recently collected maize landraces from Mexico
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Extinction risk of Mesoamerican crop wild relatives
B Goettsch, T Urquiza‐Haas, P Koleff, F Acevedo Gasman, ...
Plants, People, Planet 3 (6), 775-795, 2021
Domestication Genomics of the Open-Pollinated Scarlet Runner Bean (Phaseolus coccineus L.)
A Guerra-García, M Suárez-Atilano, A Mastretta-Yanes, ...
Frontiers in plant science 8, 1891, 2017
Genomics overrules mitochondrial DNA, siding with morphology on a controversial case of species delimitation
CR Pedraza-Marrón, R Silva, J Deeds, SM Van Belleghem, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1900), 20182924, 2019
Long‐term in situ persistence of biodiversity in tropical sky islands revealed by landscape genomics
A Mastretta‐Yanes, AT Xue, A Moreno‐Letelier, TH Jorgensen, N Alvarez, ...
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Evaluating the accuracy of genomic prediction for the management and conservation of relictual natural tree populations
S Arenas, AJ Cortés, A Mastretta-Yanes, JP Jaramillo-Correa
Tree Genetics & Genomes 17, 1-19, 2021
Storage of organic carbon in the soils of Mexican temperate forests
NS Santini, MF Adame, RH Nolan, Y Miquelajauregui, D Piñero, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 446, 115-125, 2019
An initiative for the study and use of genetic diversity of domesticated plants and their wild relatives
A Mastretta-Yanes, F Acevedo Gasman, C Burgeff, M Cano Ramírez, ...
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Late Miocene lineage divergence and ecological differentiation of rare endemic Juniperus blancoi: clues for the diversification of North American conifers
A Moreno‐Letelier, A Mastretta‐Yanes, TG Barraclough
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Las milpas de México
M Lozada-Aranda, I Rojas-Barrera, A Mastretta-Yanes, A Ponce-Mendoza, ...
Oikos 17, 10-12, 2017
Gene duplication, population genomics, and species-level differentiation within a tropical mountain shrub
A Mastretta-Yanes, S Zamudio, TH Jorgensen, N Arrigo, N Alvarez, ...
Genome biology and evolution 6 (10), 2611-2624, 2014
Un programa para México de conservación y uso de la diversidad genética de las plantas domesticadas y sus parientes silvestres
A Mastretta-Yanes, MR Bellon, F Acevedo, C Burgeff, D Piñero, ...
Genetic diversity goals and targets have improved, but remain insufficient for clear implementation of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework
S Hoban, MW Bruford, JM da Silva, WC Funk, R Frankham, MJ Gill, ...
Conservation genetics 24 (2), 181-191, 2023
Climatic niche evolution is faster in sympatric than allopatric lineages of the butterfly genus Pyrgus
C Pitteloud, N Arrigo, T Suchan, A Mastretta-Yanes, R Vila, V Dincă, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1852), 20170208, 2017
Finding a needle in a haystack: Distinguishing Mexican maize landraces using a small number of SNPs
JL Caldu-Primo, A Mastretta-Yanes, A Wegier, D Piñero
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Biodiversity in Mexico: State of knowledge
P Koleff, T Urquiza-Haas, SP Ruiz-GonzáLEZ, DR Hernández-Robles, ...
Global Biodiversity 4, 2018
Monitoring status and trends in genetic diversity for the Convention on Biological Diversity: An ongoing assessment of genetic indicators in nine countries
S Hoban, JM da Silva, A Mastretta‐Yanes, CE Grueber, M Heuertz, ...
Conservation Letters 16 (3), e12953, 2023
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