Johan Hollander
Johan Hollander
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Citované v
Parallel evolution of local adaptation and reproductive isolation in the face of gene flow
RK Butlin, M Saura, G Charrier, B Jackson, C André, A Caballero, ...
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Testing the grain-size model for the evolution of phenotypic plasticity
J Hollander
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J Hollander, ML Collyer, DC Adams, K Johannesson
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Site‐specific genetic divergence in parallel hybrid zones suggests nonallopatric evolution of reproductive barriers
M Panova, J Hollander, K Johannesson
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Variation in courtship signals and hybridization between geographically definable populations of the rice Brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stål)
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Local adaptation but not geographical separation promotes assortative mating in a snail
J Hollander, M Lindegarth, K Johannesson
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E Berglund, V Fogelberg, PA Nilsson, J Hollander
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Predator-induced morphological plasticity across local populations of a freshwater snail
C Brönmark, T Lakowitz, J Hollander
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J Hollander, RK Butlin
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Male discrimination of female mucous trails permits assortative mating in a marine snail species
K Johannesson, JN Havenhand, PR Jonsson, M Lindegarth, A Sundin, ...
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Climate warming and heat waves affect reproductive strategies and interactions between submerged macrophytes
Z Li, L He, H Zhang, P Urrutia‐Cordero, MK Ekvall, J Hollander, ...
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Complete lack of mitochondrial divergence between two species of NE Atlantic marine intertidal gastropods
P Kemppainen, M Panova, J Hollander, K Johannesson
Journal of evolutionary biology 22 (10), 2000-2011, 2009
What can aquatic gastropods tell us about phenotypic plasticity? A review and meta-analysis
PE Bourdeau, RK Butlin, C Brönmark, TC Edgell, JT Hoverman, ...
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Express yourself: bold individuals induce enhanced morphological defences
K Hulthén, BB Chapman, PA Nilsson, J Hollander, C Brönmark
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Evolution of adaptation through allometric shifts in a marine snail
J Hollander, DC Adams, K Johannesson
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Variation in hostplant relations and courtship signals of weed-associated populations of the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stål), from Australia and Asia …
MF Claridge, J Hollander, JC Morgan
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 35 (1), 79-93, 1988
The Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) invasion in Scandinavian coastal waters: impact on local ecosystem services
AT Laugen, J Hollander, M Obst, Å Strand
Biological invasions in aquatic and terrestrial systems: biogeography …, 2015
Meta-analysis reveals variance in tolerance to climate change across marine trophic levels
N Hu, PE Bourdeau, C Harlos, Y Liu, J Hollander
Science of the Total Environment 827, 154244, 2022
Costs of inducible defence along a resource gradient
C Brönmark, T Lakowitz, PA Nilsson, J Ahlgren, C Lennartsdotter, ...
PLoS One 7 (1), e30467, 2012
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