Julie C. Fosdick
Julie C. Fosdick
Associate Professor, University of Connecticut
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Kinematic evolution of the Patagonian retroarc fold-and-thrust belt and Magallanes foreland basin, Chile and Argentina, 51 30′ S
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Using detrital zircon U‐Pb ages to calculate Late Cretaceous sedimentation rates in the Magallanes‐Austral basin, Patagonia
TM Schwartz, JC Fosdick, SA Graham
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Grand challenges (and great opportunities) in sedimentology, stratigraphy, and diagenesis research
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Revised timing of Cenozoic Atlantic incursions and changing hinterland sediment sources during southern Patagonian orogenesis
JC Fosdick, RA VanderLeest, JE Bostelmann, JS Leonard, R Ugalde, ...
Lithosphere 2020 (1), 8883099, 2020
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