Alejandro Ruete
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Citované v
Where are Europe’s last primary forests?
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Explaining spatial variation in the recording effort of citizen science data across multiple taxa
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Displaying bias in sampling effort of data accessed from biodiversity databases using ignorance maps
A Ruete
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Protection gaps and restoration opportunities for primary forests in Europe
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Sensitivity of binomial N‐mixture models to overdispersion: The importance of assessing model fit
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Challenges and priorities for modelling livestock health and pathogens in the context of climate change
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Will forest conservation areas protect functionally important diversity of fungi and lichens over time?
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Dynamic anthropogenic edge effects on the distribution and diversity of fungi in fragmented old‐growth forests
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Testicular length as an indicator of the onset of sperm production in alpacas under Swedish conditions
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A model for non‐equilibrium metapopulation dynamics utilizing data on species occupancy, patch ages and landscape history
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European primary forest database v2. 0
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Contrasting long‐term effects of transient anthropogenic edges and forest fragment size on generalist and specialist deadwood‐dwelling fungi
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Breed influences on in vitro development of abattoir-derived bovine oocytes
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Disentangling effects of uncertainties on population projections: climate change impact on an epixylic bryophyte
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Hybrid bioacoustic and ecoacoustic analyses provide new links between bird assemblages and habitat quality in a winter boreal forest
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Identification of limiting climatic and geographical variables for the distribution of the tortoise Chelonoidis chilensis (Testudinidae): a baseline for conservation actions
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Disentangling Fabiana imbricata (Solanaceae) regeneration: The importance of disturbance and rainfall
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Modeling heat stress under organic dairy farming conditions in warm temperate climates within the Mediterranean basin
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Climatic Change 162 (3), 1269-1285, 2020
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