Michał Czopowicz
Michał Czopowicz
Samodzielny Zakład Epidemiologii i Ekonomiki Weterynaryjnej, Instytut Medycyny Weterynaryjnej
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Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum infections in goats in Poland
M Czopowicz, J Kaba, O Szaluś-Jordanow, M Nowicki, L Witkowski, ...
Veterinary parasitology 178 (3-4), 339-341, 2011
Multidrug Resistance in Escherichia coli Strains Isolated from Infections in Dogs and Cats in Poland (2007–2013)
M Rzewuska, M Czopowicz, M Kizerwetter-Świda, D Chrobak, ...
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Risk factors associated with seropositivity to small ruminant lentiviruses in goat herds
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Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in wild boars, red deer and roe deer in Poland
L Witkowski, M Czopowicz, DA Nagy, AV Potarniche, MA Aoanei, ...
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Characterization of pathogenic Enterococcus cecorum from different poultry groups: Broiler chickens, layers, turkeys, and waterfowl
B Dolka, D Chrobak-Chmiel, M Czopowicz, P Szeleszczuk
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Stress response after race and endurance training sessions and competitions in Arabian horses
O Witkowska-Piłaszewicz, J Grzędzicka, J Seń, M Czopowicz, ...
Preventive Veterinary Medicine 188, 105265, 2021
Diagnostic performance of ID Screen® MVV-CAEV Indirect Screening ELISA in identifying small ruminant lentiviruses-infected goats
D Nowicka, M Czopowicz, M Mickiewicz, O Szaluś-Jordanow, L Witkowski, ...
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Detection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) and influenza A virus (IAV) in oral fluid of pigs
K Biernacka, P Karbowiak, P Wróbel, T Charęza, M Czopowicz, G Balka, ...
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Epidemiological and morphological analysis of feline injection site sarcomas
K Kliczkowska, U Jankowska, D Jagielski, M Czopowicz, R Sapierzyński
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The animal-dependent risk factors in canine osteosarcomas.
R Sapierzyński, M Czopowicz
Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences 20 (2), 293-298, 2017
Prevalence of antibodies against Chlamydophila abortus and Coxiella burnetii in goat herds in Poland
M Czopowicz, J Kaba, O Szaluś-Jordanow, M Nowicki, L Witkowski, ...
Pol J Vet Sci 13, 175-179, 2010
Diagnostic efficacy of smear cytology and Robinson’s cytological grading of canine mammary tumors with respect to histopathology, cytomorphometry, metastases and overall survival
I Dolka, M Czopowicz, A Gruk-Jurka, A Wojtkowska, R Sapierzyński, ...
PloS one 13 (1), e0191595, 2018
Serological evidence for BVDV-1 infection in goats in Poland—Short communication
M Czopowicz, J Kaba, H Schirrmeier, E Bagnicka, O Szaluś-Jordanow, ...
Acta Veterinaria Hungarica 59 (3), 399-404, 2011
The animal‐dependent risk factors in canine T‐cell lymphomas
U Jankowska, D Jagielski, M Czopowicz, R Sapierzyński
Veterinary and comparative oncology 15 (2), 307-314, 2017
Relationships between antimicrobial resistance, distribution of virulence factor genes and the origin of Trueperella pyogenes isolated from domestic animals and European bison …
M Rzewuska, M Czopowicz, M Gawryś, I Markowska-Daniel, W Bielecki
Microbial Pathogenesis 96, 35-41, 2016
Changes in Serum Amyloid A (SAA) Concentration in Arabian Endurance Horses During First Training Season
O Witkowska-Piłaszewicz, P Bąska, M Czopowicz, M Żmigrodzka, ...
Animals 9 (6), 330, 2019
Accuracy of routine cytology and immunocytochemistry in preoperative diagnosis of oral amelanotic melanomas in dogs
R Przeździecki, M Czopowicz, R Sapierzyński
Veterinary Clinical Pathology 44 (4), 597-604, 2015
Reference intervals for selected hematological and biochemical variables in Hucul horses
A Cywińska, M Czopowicz, L Witkowski, R Górecka, A Degórski, ...
Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences 18 (2), 439-445, 2015
Influence of small ruminant lentivirus infection on cheese yield in goats
D Nowicka, M Czopowicz, E Bagnicka, M Rzewuska, N Strzałkowska, ...
Journal of Dairy Research 82 (1), 102-106, 2015
Acute Phase Protein Levels as An Auxiliary Tool in Diagnosing Viral Diseases in Ruminants—A Review
D Reczyńska, M Zalewska, M Czopowicz, J Kaba, L Zwierzchowski, ...
Viruses 10 (9), 502, 2018
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