Marcos de Pozo Baños
Marcos de Pozo Baños
Swansea University Medical School (Wales, UK)
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Electroencephalogram subject identification: A review
M Del Pozo-Banos, JB Alonso, JR Ticay-Rivas, CM Travieso
Expert Systems with Applications 41 (15), 6537-6554, 2014
EEG biometric identification: a thorough exploration of the time-frequency domain
M DelPozo-Banos, CM Travieso, CT Weidemann, JB Alonso
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Premature mortality among people with severe mental illness—new evidence from linked primary care data
A John, J McGregor, I Jones, SC Lee, JTR Walters, MJ Owen, ...
Schizophrenia research 199, 154-162, 2018
Hand shape identification on multirange images
CM Travieso, JR Ticay-Rivas, JC Briceno, M del Pozo-Baños, JB Alonso
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Building a Cepstrum-HMM kernel for Apnea identification
CM Travieso, JB Alonso, M Del Pozo, JR Ticay, ...
Neurocomputing 132, 159-165, 2014
Risk of unnatural mortality in people with epilepsy
HC Gorton, RT Webb, MJ Carr, M DelPozo-Banos, A John, DM Ashcroft
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Using neural networks with routine health records to identify suicide risk: feasibility study
M DelPozo-Banos, A John, N Petkov, DM Berridge, K Southern, K LLoyd, ...
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Pollen classification based on geometrical, descriptors and colour features using decorrelation stretching method
JR Ticay-Rivas, M del Pozo-Baños, CM Travieso, J Arroyo-Hernández, ...
Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations, 342-349, 2011
Image Processing for Pollen Classification
M del Pozo-Baños, J Ticay-Rivas, Jaime R., Cabrera-Falcón, J Arroyo, ...
Biodiversity Enrichment in a Diverse World, 493-508, 2012
Features extraction techniques for pollen grain classification
M del Pozo-Banos, JR Ticay-Rivas, JB Alonso, CM Travieso
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Spider specie identification and verification based on pattern recognition of it cobweb
JR Ticay-Rivas, M del Pozo-Banos, WG Eberhard, JB Alonso, ...
Expert systems with applications 40 (10), 4213-4225, 2013
Evidence of a task-independent neural signature in the spectral shape of the electroencephalogram
M DelPozo-Banos, CM Travieso, JB Alonso, A John
International journal of neural systems 28 (01), 1750035, 2018
Fused intra-bimodal face verification approach based on Scale-Invariant Feature Transform and a vocabulary tree
CM Travieso, M del Pozo-Baños, JB Alonso
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Automatic apnea identification by transformation of the cepstral domain
CM Travieso, JB Alonso, M del Pozo-Baños, JR Ticay-Rivas, ...
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Face Identification based on TV videos
M del Pozo-Banos, CM Travieso, JB Alonso, MA Ferrer
43rd Annual 2009 International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology …, 2009
Spider recognition by biometric web analysis
JR Ticay-Rivas, M del Pozo-Baños, WG Eberhard, JB Alonso, ...
International Work-Conference on the Interplay Between Natural and …, 2011
Reducing Features Using Discriminative Common Vectors
CM Travieso, M del Pozo-Baños, MA Ferrer, JB Alonso
Cognitive Computation 2 (3), 160-164, 2010
Area deprivation, urbanicity, severe mental illness and social drift—A population-based linkage study using routinely collected primary and secondary care data
SC Lee, M DelPozo-Banos, K Lloyd, I Jones, JTR Walters, MJ Owen, ...
Schizophrenia Research, 2020
Localized component filtering for electroencephalogram artifact rejection
M DelPozo‐Baños, CT Weidemann
Psychophysiology 54 (4), 608-619, 2017
Gender Verification System based on JADE-ICA - Application to Biometric Identification System.
M Del-Pozo Banos, CM Travieso, JB Alonso, MA Ferrer
Proceedings of the International Conference on Bio-inspired Systems and …, 2011
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