Christopher Blair
Christopher Blair
Professor of Biology - New York City College of Technology and Graduate Center, CUNY
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RASP (Reconstruct Ancestral State in Phylogenies): a tool for historical biogeography
Y Yu, AJ Harris, C Blair, X He
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 87, 46-49, 2015
RASP 4: ancestral state reconstruction tool for multiple genes and characters
Y Yu, C Blair, X He
Molecular biology and evolution 37 (2), 604-606, 2020
A simulation‐based evaluation of methods for inferring linear barriers to gene flow
C Blair, DE Weigel, M Balazik, ATH Keeley, FM Walker, E Landguth, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 12 (5), 822-833, 2012
Cryptic diversity and discordance in single‐locus species delimitation methods within horned lizards (Phrynosomatidae: Phrynosoma)
C Blair, RW Bryson Jr
Molecular Ecology Resources 17 (6), 1168-1182, 2017
Recent trends in molecular phylogenetic analysis: where to next?
C Blair, RW Murphy
Journal of Heredity 102 (1), 130-138, 2011
Phylogenetic trees and networks can serve as powerful and complementary approaches for analysis of genomic data
C Blair, C Ané
Systematic Biology 69 (3), 593-601, 2020
Cryptic diversity in the Mexican highlands: thousands of UCE loci help illuminate phylogenetic relationships, species limits and divergence times of montane rattlesnakes …
C Blair, RW Bryson Jr, CW Linkem, D Lazcano, J Klicka, JE McCormack
Molecular Ecology Resources 19 (2), 349-365, 2019
Diversity-dependent cladogenesis throughout western Mexico: evolutionary biogeography of rattlesnakes (Viperidae: Crotalinae: Crotalus and Sistrurus)
C Blair, S Sánchez-Ramírez
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 97, 145-154, 2016
Landscape genetics of leaf-toed geckos in the tropical dry forest of northern Mexico
C Blair, VH Jimenez Arcos, FR Mendez de la Cruz, RW Murphy
PloS one 8 (2), e57433, 2013
Molecular phylogenetics and taxonomy of leaf-toed geckos (Phyllodactylidae: Phyllodactylus) inhabiting the peninsula of Baja California
C Blair, FR Méndez de La Cruz, A Ngo, J Lindell, A Lathrop, RW Murphy
Zootaxa 2027 (1), 28-42, 2009
Assessing the utility of whole genome amplified DNA for next‐generation molecular ecology
C Blair, CR Campbell, AD Yoder
Molecular Ecology Resources 15 (5), 1079-1090, 2015
Not withering on the evolutionary vine: systematic revision of the Brown Vine Snake (Reptilia: Squamata: Oxybelis) from its northern distribution
RC Jadin, C Blair, SA Orlofske, MJ Jowers, GA Rivas, LJ Vitt, JM Ray, ...
Organisms Diversity & Evolution 20, 723-746, 2020
Genealogy and demographic history of a widespread amphibian throughout Indochina
C Blair, CM Davy, A Ngo, NL Orlov, H Shi, S Lu, L Gao, D Rao, ...
Journal of Heredity 104 (1), 72-85, 2013
Phylogenomics and molecular species delimitation reveals great cryptic diversity of leaf-toed geckos (Phyllodactylidae: Phyllodactylus), ancient origins, and diversification in …
T Ramírez-Reyes, C Blair, O Flores-Villela, D Piñero, A Lathrop, R Murphy
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 150, 106880, 2020
Ecological genetics of Chinese rhesus macaque in response to mountain building: all things are not equal
SJ Wu, J Luo, QQ Li, YQ Wang, RW Murphy, C Blair, SF Wu, BS Yue, ...
PLoS One 8 (2), e55315, 2013
Multilocus coalescent analyses reveal the demographic history and speciation patterns of mouse lemur sister species
C Blair, KL Heckman, AL Russell, AD Yoder
BMC Evolutionary Biology 14, 1-12, 2014
Molecular phylogenetics and species delimitation of leaf-toed geckos (Phyllodactylidae: Phyllodactylus) throughout the Mexican tropical dry forest
C Blair, FRM de la Cruz, C Law, RW Murphy
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 84, 254-265, 2015
Patterns of community structure and microhabitat usage in Peruvian Pristimantis (Anura: Strabomantidae)
C Blair, TM Doan
Copeia, 2009
Hiding in the lianas of the tree of life: molecular phylogenetics and species delimitation reveal considerable cryptic diversity of New World Vine Snakes
RC Jadin, C Blair, MJ Jowers, A Carmona, JC Murphy
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 134, 61-65, 2019
Historical and contemporary demography of leaf-toed geckos (Phyllodactylidae: Phyllodactylus tuberculosus saxatilis) in the Mexican dry forest
C Blair, VH Jiménez Arcos, FRM de la Cruz, RW Murphy
Conservation Genetics 16, 419-429, 2015
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