George Batrouni
George Batrouni
Professor of Physics, University of Côte d'Azur
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Citované v
Citované v
Langevin simulations of lattice field theories
GG Batrouni, GR Katz, AS Kronfeld, GP Lepage, B Svetitsky, KG Wilson
Physical Review D 32 (10), 2736, 1985
Mott domains of bosons confined on optical lattices
GG Batrouni, V Rousseau, RT Scalettar, M Rigol, A Muramatsu, ...
Physical review letters 89 (11), 117203, 2002
Localization in interacting, disordered, Bose systems
RT Scalettar, GG Batrouni, GT Zimanyi
Physical review letters 66 (24), 3144, 1991
Quantum critical phenomena in one-dimensional Bose systems
GG Batrouni, RT Scalettar, GT Zimanyi
Physical review letters 65 (14), 1765, 1990
Equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical thermodynamics
M Le Bellac, F Mortessagne, GG Batrouni
Cambridge University Press, 2004
Phase separation in supersolids
GG Batrouni, RT Scalettar
Physical Review Letters 84 (7), 1599, 2000
Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of confined bosonic atoms in optical lattices
S Wessel, F Alet, M Troyer, GG Batrouni
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 70 (5), 053615, 2004
A two-dimensional network simulator for two-phase flow in porous media
E Aker, K JØrgen MÅlØy, A Hansen, GG Batrouni
Transport in porous media 32, 163-186, 1998
Phase transition in the 2 D XY model
R Gupta, J DeLapp, GG Batrouni, GC Fox, CF Baillie, J Apostolakis
Physical review letters 61 (17), 1996, 1988
Relation between anomalous and normal diffusion in systems with memory
R Morgado, FA Oliveira, GG Batrouni, A Hansen
Physical review letters 89 (10), 100601, 2002
Electrical breakdown in a fuse network with random, continuously distributed breaking strengths
B Kahng, GG Batrouni, S Redner, L de Arcangelis, HJ Herrmann
Physical Review B 37 (13), 7625, 1988
World-line quantum Monte Carlo algorithm for a one-dimensional Bose model
GG Batrouni, RT Scalettar
Physical Review B 46 (14), 9051, 1992
Fourier acceleration in lattice gauge theories. I. Landau gauge fixing
CTH Davies, GG Batrouni, GR Katz, AS Kronfeld, GP Lepage, KG Wilson, ...
Physical Review D 37 (6), 1581, 1988
Quantum phase transitions in the two-dimensional hardcore boson model
F Hebert, GG Batrouni, RT Scalettar, G Schmid, M Troyer, A Dorneich
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Supersolids in the bose-hubbard hamiltonian
GG Batrouni, RT Scalettar, GT Zimanyi, AP Kampf
Physical review letters 74 (13), 2527, 1995
Local quantum criticality in confined fermions on optical lattices
M Rigol, A Muramatsu, GG Batrouni, RT Scalettar
Physical review letters 91 (13), 130403, 2003
Fourier acceleration of iterative processes in disordered systems
G George Batrouni, A Hansen
Journal of statistical physics 52, 747-773, 1988
Drift without flux: Brownian walker with a space-dependent diffusion coefficient
P Lançon, G Batrouni, L Lobry, N Ostrowsky
Europhysics Letters 54 (1), 28, 2001
Exact numerical study of pair formation with imbalanced fermion populations
GG Batrouni, MH Huntley, VG Rousseau, RT Scalettar
Physical review letters 100 (11), 116405, 2008
Supersolid phases in the one-dimensional extended soft-core bosonic Hubbard model
GG Batrouni, F Hébert, RT Scalettar
Physical review letters 97 (8), 087209, 2006
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