Lynn Govaert
Lynn Govaert
Group leader, Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin
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Citované v
Body-size shifts in aquatic and terrestrial urban communities
T Merckx, C Souffreau, A Kaiser, LF Baardsen, T Backeljau, D Bonte, ...
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Functional Ecology 35 (10), 2138-2155, 2021
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H Vanvelk, L Govaert, EM Van den Berg, KI Brans, L De Meester
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The shape of density dependence and the relationship between population growth, intraspecific competition and equilibrium population density
EA Fronhofer, L Govaert, MI O’Connor, SJ Schreiber, F Altermatt
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Eco-evolutionary partitioning metrics: a practical guide for biologists
L Govaert
Belgian Journal of Zoology 148 (2), 2018
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P Lemmens, FE Teffera, M Wynants, L Govaert, J Deckers, H Bauer, ...
Functional Ecology 31 (7), 1482-1492, 2017
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X Gao, W Wang, JC Ndayishimiye, L Govaert, H Chen, E Jeppesen, ...
Freshwater Biology 67 (8), 1344-1356, 2022
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