Marissa A. Ahlering
Marissa A. Ahlering
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Avian habitat management meets conspecific attraction: If you build it, will they come?
MA Ahlering, J Faaborg
The Auk 123 (2), 301-312, 2006
Research needs and recommendations for the use of conspecific-attraction methods in the conservation of migratory songbirds
MA Ahlering, D Arlt, MG Betts, RJ Fletcher Jr, JJ Nocera, MP Ward
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Conspecific attraction in a grassland bird, the Baird's Sparrow
MA Ahlering, DH Johnson, J Faaborg
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Grassland connectivity in fragmented agricultural landscapes of the north-central United States
MC Wimberly, DM Narem, PJ Bauman, BT Carlson, MA Ahlering
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Genetic diversity, social structure, and conservation value of the elephants of the Nakai Plateau, Lao PDR, based on non-invasive sampling
MA Ahlering, S Hedges, A Johnson, M Tyson, SG Schuttler, LS Eggert
Conservation Genetics 12, 413-422, 2011
Elevated levels of stress hormones in crop‐raiding male elephants
MA Ahlering, JJ Millspaugh, RJ Woods, D Western, LS Eggert
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Cattle grazing and grassland birds in the northern tallgrass prairie
MA Ahlering, CL Merkord
The Journal of Wildlife Management 80 (4), 643-654, 2016
Accuracy, precision, and cost-effectiveness of conventional dung density and fecal DNA based survey methods to estimate Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) population size and …
S Hedges, A Johnson, M Ahlering, M Tyson, LS Eggert
Biological Conservation 159, 101-108, 2013
Talking big: Lessons learned from a 9000 hectare restoration in the northern tallgrass prairie
PJ Gerla, MW Cornett, JD Ekstein, MA Ahlering
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A simple and accurate method to sex savannah, forest and Asian elephants using noninvasive sampling techniques
MA Ahlering, F Hailer, MT Roberts, C Foley
Molecular Ecology Resources 11 (5), 831-834, 2011
Strategic grassland bird conservation throughout the annual cycle: Linking policy alternatives, landowner decisions, and biological population outcomes
RG Drum, CA Ribic, K Koch, E Lonsdorf, E Grant, M Ahlering, L Barnhill, ...
PloS one 10 (11), e0142525, 2015
Conservation outside protected areas and the effect of human‐dominated landscapes on stress hormones in savannah elephants
MA Ahlering, JE Maldonado, LS Eggert, RC Fleischer, D Western, ...
Conservation Biology 27 (3), 569-575, 2013
Looking to the future: key points for sustainable management of northern Great Plains grasslands
LB Perkins, M Ahlering, DL Larson
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Factors Associated with Arrival Densities of Grasshopper Sparrow (Ammodramus savannarum) and Baird's Sparrow (A. Bairdii) in the Upper Great Plains
MA Ahlering, DH Johnson, J Faaborg
The Auk 126 (4), 799-808, 2009
Identifying source populations and genetic structure for savannah elephants in human-dominated landscapes and protected areas in the Kenya-Tanzania borderlands
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PLoS One 7 (12), e52288, 2012
Developing a framework for evaluating tallgrass prairie reconstruction methods and management
DL Larson, M Ahlering, P Drobney, R Esser, JL Larson, K Viste-Sparkman
Ecological Restoration 36 (1), 6-18, 2018
Potential carbon dioxide emission reductions from avoided grassland conversion in the northern Great Plains
M Ahlering, J Fargione, W Parton
Ecosphere 7 (12), e01625, 2016
Fine‐scale group structure and demography of African savanna elephants recolonizing lands outside protected areas
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A resilient and connected network of sites to sustain biodiversity under a changing climate
MG Anderson, M Clark, AP Olivero, AR Barnett, KR Hall, MW Cornett, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 (7), e2204434119, 2023
Land ownership and use influence grassland bird abundance
MA Ahlering, DH Johnson, LH Elliott
The Journal of Wildlife Management 83 (2), 343-355, 2019
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