Alexander N Combes
Alexander N Combes
Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, Monash
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Sertoli cell differentiation is induced both cell-autonomously and through prostaglandin signaling during mammalian sex determination
D Wilhelm, F Martinson, S Bradford, MJ Wilson, AN Combes, A Beverdam, ...
Developmental biology 287 (1), 111-124, 2005
Analysis of early nephron patterning reveals a role for distal RV proliferation in fusion to the ureteric tip via a cap mesenchyme-derived connecting segment
K Georgas, B Rumballe, MT Valerius, HS Chiu, RD Thiagarajan, ...
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Global quantification of tissue dynamics in the developing mouse kidney
KM Short, AN Combes, J Lefevre, AL Ju, KM Georgas, T Lamberton, ...
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SOX9 regulates prostaglandin D synthase gene transcription in vivo to ensure testis development
D Wilhelm, R Hiramatsu, H Mizusaki, L Widjaja, AN Combes, Y Kanai, ...
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Endothelial cell migration directs testis cord formation
AN Combes, D Wilhelm, T Davidson, E Dejana, V Harley, A Sinclair, ...
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Evaluation of variability in human kidney organoids
B Phipson, PX Er, AN Combes, TA Forbes, SE Howden, L Zappia, HJ Yen, ...
Nature methods 16 (1), 79-87, 2019
Nephron formation adopts a novel spatial topology at cessation of nephrogenesis
BA Rumballe, KM Georgas, AN Combes, AL Ju, T Gilbert, MH Little
Developmental biology 360 (1), 110-122, 2011
Single-cell analysis reveals congruence between kidney organoids and human fetal kidney
AN Combes, L Zappia, PX Er, A Oshlack, MH Little
Genome medicine 11, 1-15, 2019
Single cell analysis of the developing mouse kidney provides deeper insight into marker gene expression and ligand-receptor crosstalk
AN Combes, B Phipson, KT Lawlor, A Dorison, R Patrick, L Zappia, ...
Development 146 (12), dev178673, 2019
Kidney organoids: accurate models or fortunate accidents
MH Little, AN Combes
Genes & Development 33 (19-20), 1319-1345, 2019
Luminal mitosis drives epithelial cell dispersal within the branching ureteric bud
A Packard, K Georgas, O Michos, P Riccio, C Cebrian, AN Combes, A Ju, ...
Developmental cell 27 (3), 319-330, 2013
Kidney micro-organoids in suspension culture as a scalable source of human pluripotent stem cell-derived kidney cells
SV Kumar, PX Er, KT Lawlor, A Motazedian, M Scurr, I Ghobrial, ...
Development 146 (5), dev172361, 2019
Segmental territories along the cardinal veins generate lymph sacs via a ballooning mechanism during embryonic lymphangiogenesis in mice
M François, K Short, GA Secker, A Combes, Q Schwarz, TL Davidson, ...
Developmental biology 364 (2), 89-98, 2012
Three‐dimensional visualization of testis cord morphogenesis, a novel tubulogenic mechanism in development
AN Combes, E Lesieur, VR Harley, AH Sinclair, MH Little, D Wilhelm, ...
Developmental dynamics: an official publication of the American Association …, 2009
MicroRNAs-140-5p/140-3p Modulate Leydig Cell Numbers in the Developing Mouse Testis
J Rakoczy, SL Fernandez-Valverde, EA Glazov, EN Wainwright, T Sato, ...
Biology of reproduction 88 (6), 143, 1-11, 2013
Cell–cell interactions driving kidney morphogenesis
AN Combes, JA Davies, MH Little
Current topics in developmental biology 112, 467-508, 2015
Cap mesenchyme cell swarming during kidney development is influenced by attraction, repulsion, and adhesion to the ureteric tip
AN Combes, JG Lefevre, S Wilson, NA Hamilton, MH Little
Developmental biology 418 (2), 297-306, 2016
Defective survival of proliferating Sertoli cells and androgen receptor function in a mouse model of the ATR-X syndrome
S Bagheri-Fam, A Argentaro, T Svingen, AN Combes, AH Sinclair, ...
Human molecular genetics 20 (11), 2213-2224, 2011
Wnt11 directs nephron progenitor polarity and motile behavior ultimately determining nephron endowment
LL O'Brien, AN Combes, KM Short, NO Lindström, PH Whitney, ...
Elife 7, e40392, 2018
Polarity, cell division, and out-of-equilibrium dynamics control the growth of epithelial structures
B Cerruti, A Puliafito, AM Shewan, W Yu, AN Combes, MH Little, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 203 (2), 359-372, 2013
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