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Citované v
In vivo degeneration and the fate of inorganic nanoparticles
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Carbon nanotube degradation in macrophages: live nanoscale monitoring and understanding of biological pathway
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Ostwald Ripening in Nanoalloys: When Thermodynamics Drives<? format?> a Size-Dependent Particle Composition
D Alloyeau, G Prévot, Y Le Bouar, T Oikawa, C Langlois, A Loiseau, ...
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Anthropogenic carbon nanotubes found in the airways of Parisian children
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Ferritin protein regulates the degradation of iron oxide nanoparticles
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Small 13 (2), 1602030, 2017
Thermoresponsive gel embedded with adipose stem-cell-derived extracellular vesicles promotes esophageal fistula healing in a thermo-actuated delivery strategy
AKA Silva, S Perretta, G Perrod, L Pidial, V Lindner, F Carn, S Lemieux, ...
Acs Nano 12 (10), 9800-9814, 2018
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