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Sabina Spiga
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Citované v
2022 roadmap on neuromorphic computing and engineering
DV Christensen, R Dittmann, B Linares-Barranco, A Sebastian, ...
Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering 2 (2), 022501, 2022
Conductive-filament switching analysis and self-accelerated thermal dissolution model for reset in NiO-based RRAM
U Russo, D Ielmini, C Cagli, AL Lacaita, S Spiga, C Wiemer, M Perego, ...
2007 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, 775-778, 2007
Analog memristive synapse in spiking networks implementing unsupervised learning
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Standards for the characterization of endurance in resistive switching devices
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Control of filament size and reduction of reset current below 10 μA in NiO resistance switching memories
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Atomic-layer deposition of Lu2O3
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Interface engineering for Ge metal-oxide–semiconductor devices
A Dimoulas, DP Brunco, S Ferrari, JW Seo, Y Panayiotatos, ...
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Resistive random access memory (RRAM) technology: From material, device, selector, 3D integration to bottom-up fabrication
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Role of metal-oxide interfaces in the multiple resistance switching regimes of Pt/HfO2/TiN devices
S Brivio, J Frascaroli, S Spiga
Applied Physics Letters 107 (2), 2015
HfO2 as gate dielectric on Ge: Interfaces and deposition techniques
M Caymax, S Van Elshocht, M Houssa, A Delabie, T Conard, M Meuris, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 135 (3), 256-260, 2006
Scaling analysis of submicrometer nickel-oxide-based resistive switching memory devices
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Formation and disruption of conductive filaments in a HfO2/TiN structure
S Brivio, G Tallarida, E Cianci, S Spiga
Nanotechnology 25 (38), 385705, 2014
Resistive switching in high-density nanodevices fabricated by block copolymer self-assembly
J Frascaroli, S Brivio, F Ferrarese Lupi, G Seguini, L Boarino, M Perego, ...
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Resistance switching in amorphous and crystalline binary oxides grown by electron beam evaporation and atomic layer deposition
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Vibrational and electrical properties of hexagonal La2O3 films
G Scarel, A Debernardi, D Tsoutsou, S Spiga, SC Capelli, L Lamagna, ...
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Synaptic potentiation and depression in Al: HfO2-based memristor
E Covi, S Brivio, M Fanciulli, S Spiga
Microelectronic Engineering 147, 41-44, 2015
Atomic layer deposition of NiO films on Si (100) using cyclopentadienyl-type compounds and ozone as precursors
HL Lu, G Scarel, C Wiemer, M Perego, S Spiga, M Fanciulli, G Pavia
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Energy-band diagram of metal//silicon structures
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Evidence of soft bound behaviour in analogue memristive devices for neuromorphic computing
J Frascaroli, S Brivio, E Covi, S Spiga
Scientific reports 8 (1), 7178, 2018
Nanoscale morphological and electrical homogeneity of HfO2 and ZrO2 thin films studied by conducting atomic-force microscopy
S Kremmer, H Wurmbauer, C Teichert, G Tallarida, S Spiga, C Wiemer, ...
Journal of applied physics 97 (7), 2005
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