Emily A. McKinnon
Emily A. McKinnon
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Repeat tracking of individual songbirds reveals consistent migration timing but flexibility in route
CQ Stanley, M MacPherson, KC Fraser, EA McKinnon, BJM Stutchbury
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New discoveries in landbird migration using geolocators, and a flight plan for the future
EA McKinnon, KC Fraser, BJM Stutchbury
The Auk 130 (2), 211-222, 2013
Ten years tracking the migrations of small landbirds: Lessons learned in the golden age of bio-logging
EA McKinnon, OP Love
The Auk: Ornithological Advances 135 (4), 834-856, 2018
Connectivity of wood thrush breeding, wintering, and migration sites based on range‐wide tracking
CQ Stanley, EA McKinnon, KC Fraser, MP Macpherson, G Casbourn, ...
Conservation Biology 29 (1), 164-174, 2015
Tracking from the tropics reveals behaviour of juvenile songbirds on their first spring migration
EA McKinnon, KC Fraser, CQ Stanley, BJM Stutchbury
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Ecological insights from three decades of animal movement tracking across a changing Arctic
SC Davidson, G Bohrer, E Gurarie, S LaPoint, PJ Mahoney, NT Boelman, ...
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Carry-over effects of nonbreeding habitat on start-to-finish spring migration performance of a songbird
EA McKinnon, CQ Stanley, BJM Stutchbury
PLoS One 10 (11), e0141580, 2015
Estimating geolocator accuracy for a migratory songbird using live ground-truthing in tropical forest
EA McKinnon, CQ Stanley, KC Fraser, MM MacPherson, G Casbourn, ...
Animal Migration 1, 31-38, 2013
Spring and fall migration phenology of an Arctic-breeding passerine
EA McKinnon, CM Macdonald, HG Gilchrist, OP Love
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Seasonal change in tropical habitat quality and body condition for a declining migratory songbird
EA McKinnon, JA Rotenberg, BJM Stutchbury
Oecologia 179, 363-375, 2015
Cold tolerance, and not earlier arrival on breeding grounds, explains why males winter further north in an Arctic‐breeding songbird
CA Macdonald, EA McKinnon, HG Gilchrist, OP Love
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Migration, diet, or molt? Interpreting stable‐hydrogen isotope values in Neotropical bats
KC Fraser, EA McKinnon, AW Diamond
Biotropica 42 (4), 512-517, 2010
The mystery of the missing warbler
EA McKinnon, C Artuso, C Artuso, OP Love
Ecology 98 (7), 1970, 2017
Habitat loss on the breeding grounds is a major contributor to population declines in a long-distance migratory songbird
MT Hallworth, E Bayne, E McKinnon, O Love, JA Tremblay, B Drolet, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288 (1949), 20203164, 2021
Flexible response to short‐term weather in a cold‐adapted songbird
MP Laplante, EA McKinnon, OP Love, F Vézina
Journal of Avian Biology 50 (2), 2019
Does the proportion of arthropods versus fruit in the diet influence overwintering condition of an omnivorous songbird?
EA McKinnon, T Kurt Kyser, BJM Stutchbury
Journal of Field Ornithology 88 (1), 65-79, 2017
Stable‐hydrogen isotope turnover in red blood cells of two migratory thrushes: application to studies of connectivity and carry‐over effects
EA McKinnon, KC Fraser, AW Diamond, CC Rimmer, JM Townsend
Journal of Field Ornithology 83 (3), 306-314, 2012
The influence of microhabitat, moisture and diet on stable-hydrogen isotope variation in a Neotropical avian food web
KC Fraser, EA McKinnon, AW Diamond, L Chavarría
Journal of Tropical Ecology 27 (6), 563-572, 2011
No Sex Bias in Wood Thrushes (Hylocichla mustelina) Captured by Using Audio Playback during the Non-breeding Season
S Chin, EA McKinnon, KC Fraser, J Rotenberg, BJM Stutchbury
The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 126 (3), 599-605, 2014
Nest-patch characteristics of Bicknell's thrush in regenerating clearcuts, and implications for precommercial thinning
EA McKinnon, H Askanas, AW Diamond
Northeastern naturalist 21 (2), 259-270, 2014
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