Nicholas A. Coles
Nicholas A. Coles
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
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The Psychological Science Accelerator: Advancing psychology through a distributed collaborative network
H Moshontz, L Campbell, CR Ebersole, H IJzerman, HL Urry, PS Forscher, ...
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A meta-analysis of the facial feedback literature: Effects of facial feedback on emotional experience are small and variable.
N Coles, J Larsen, H Lench
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To Which World Regions Does the Valence-dominance Model of Social Perception Apply?
BC Jones, L DeBruine, JK Flake, B Aczel, M Adamkovic, R Alaei, S Alper, ...
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Analysis of open data and computational reproducibility in registered reports in psychology
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What experiences in medical school trigger professional identity development?
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The costs and benefits of replication studies
N Coles, L Tiokhin, AM Scheel, PM Isager, D Lakens
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Varieties of mixed emotional experience
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The Many Smiles Collaboration:: A Multi-Lab Foundational Test of the Facial Feedback Hypothesis
NA Coles, DS March, F Marmolejo-Ramos, H Banaruee, N Butcher, ...
Nature Human Behaviour, 2020
A global test of message framing on behavioural intentions, policy support, information seeking, and experienced anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic
CA Dorison, JS Lerner, BH Heller, AJ Rothman, II Kawachi, K Wang, ...
PSACR: The Psychological Science Accelerator's COVID-19 Rapid-response Project
PS Forscher, M Primbs, N Coles
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Investigating object orientation effects across 14 languages
SC Chen, A Szabelska, CR Chartier, Z Kekecs, D Lynott, P Bernabeu, ...
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A Manifesto for Team Science
PS Forscher, EJ Wagenmakers, L DeBruine, N Coles, MA Silan, ...
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A multi-lab test of the facial feedback hypothesis by The Many Smiles Collaboration
N Coles, DS March, F Marmolejo-Ramos, NC Arinze, I Ndukaihe, ...
PsyArXiv, 2019
Does Blocking Facial Feedback Via Botulinum Toxin Injections Decrease Depression? A Critical Review and Meta-Analysis
NA Coles, JT Larsen, J Kuribayashi, A Kuelz
Emotion Review 11 (4), 294-309, 2019
Developing the “Control Identity” typology to create more effective testicular health promotional messaging
MJ Rovito, TF Gordon, SB Bass, J DuCette, AM Tierney, N Coles
American journal of men's health 12 (3), 546-555, 2018
Lay beliefs and projections of trait happiness
NA Coles, VK Sims, MG Chin
Inclusive Systematic Review Registration Form
O Van den Akker, GJ Peters, C Bakker, R Carlsson, N Coles, KS Corker, ...
MetaArXiv, 2020
Are facial feedback effects solely driven by demand characteristics? An experimental investigation
N Coles, B Frohlich, J Larsen, L Gaertner
PsyArXiv, 2020
Face and Feeling: An Examination of the Role of Facial Feedback in Emotion
NA Coles
The effect of demand characteristics on the facial feedback effect
NA Coles, B Frohlich, JT Larsen, L Gaertner
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