Stephen M. Thomas
Stephen M. Thomas
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Mapping tree density at a global scale
TW Crowther, HB Glick, KR Covey, C Bettigole, DS Maynard, SM Thomas, ...
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Biotic interactions mediate soil microbial feedbacks to climate change
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Predicting rates of isotopic turnover across the animal kingdom: a synthesis of existing data
SM Thomas, TW Crowther
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Top‐down control of soil fungal community composition by a globally distributed keystone consumer
TW Crowther, DWG Stanton, SM Thomas, AD A'Bear, J Hiscox, TH Jones, ...
Ecology 94 (11), 2518-2528, 2013
From clear lakes to murky waters–tracing the functional response of high‐latitude lake communities to concurrent ‘greening’and ‘browning’
B Hayden, C Harrod, SM Thomas, AP Eloranta, JP Myllykangas, ...
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Beyond cool: adapting upland streams for climate change using riparian woodlands
SM Thomas, SW Griffiths, SJ Ormerod
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Environmental stress response limits microbial necromass contributions to soil organic carbon
TW Crowther, NW Sokol, EE Oldfield, DS Maynard, SM Thomas, ...
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Food‐web structure and mercury dynamics in a large subarctic lake following multiple species introductions
SM Thomas, M Kiljunen, T Malinen, AP Eloranta, PA Amundsen, ...
Freshwater Biology 61 (4), 500-517, 2016
Seasonal dietary shift to zooplankton influences stable isotope ratios and total mercury concentrations in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus (L.))
KK Kahilainen, SM Thomas, O Keva, B Hayden, R Knudsen, AP Eloranta, ...
Hydrobiologia 783, 47-63, 2016
Ecomorphological divergence drives differential mercury bioaccumulation in polymorphic European whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus) populations of subarctic lakes
KK Kahilainen, SM Thomas, EKM Nystedt, O Keva, T Malinen, B Hayden
Science of the Total Environment 599, 1768-1778, 2017
Increasing temperature and productivity change biomass, trophic pyramids and community‐level omega‐3 fatty acid content in subarctic lake food webs
O Keva, SJ Taipale, B Hayden, SM Thomas, J Vesterinen, P Kankaala, ...
Global Change Biology 27 (2), 282-296, 2021
Effects of Elevated CO2 on Litter Chemistry and Subsequent Invertebrate Detritivore Feeding Responses
MW Dray, TW Crowther, SM Thomas, AD A’Bear, DL Godbold, ...
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Ecological speciation in a generalist consumer expands the trophic niche of a dominant predator
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Scientific Reports 7 (1), 8765, 2017
Reliance of brown trout on terrestrial prey varies with season but not fish density
M Milardi, SM Thomas, KK Kahilainen
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Adapting streams for climate change using riparian broadleaf trees and its consequences for stream salmonids
SM Thomas, SW Griffiths, SJ Ormerod
Freshwater Biology 60 (1), 64-77, 2015
Resource polymorphism in European whitefish: Analysis of fatty acid profiles provides more detailed evidence than traditional methods alone
SM Thomas, MJ Kainz, PA Amundsen, B Hayden, SJ Taipale, ...
PLoS One 14 (8), e0221338, 2019
Environmental stability increases relative individual specialisation across populations of an aquatic top predator
P Dermond, SM Thomas, J Brodersen
Oikos 127 (2), 297-305, 2018
Trophic ecology of piscivorous Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus (L.)) in subarctic lakes with contrasting food-web structures
KK Kahilainen, SM Thomas, C Harrod, B Hayden, AP Eloranta
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Winter ecology of specialist and generalist morphs of European whitefish, Coregonus lavaretus, in subarctic northern Europe
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Journal of Fish Biology 101 (2), 389-399, 2022
Global tree density map
TW Crowther, HB Glick, KR Covey, C Bettigole, DS Maynard, SM Thomas, ...
EliScholar, 2015
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