Oriol Cusola
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Citované v
Particulate coatings via evaporation-induced self-assembly of polydisperse colloidal lignin on solid interfaces
O Cusola, S Kivistö, S Vierros, P Batys, M Ago, BL Tardy, LG Greca, ...
Langmuir 34 (20), 5759-5771, 2018
Bacterial cellulose for increasing barrier properties of paper products
A Fillat, J Martínez, C Valls, O Cusola, MB Roncero, T Vidal, ...
Cellulose, 1-13, 2018
Nanofibrillar networks enable universal assembly of superstructured particle constructs
BD Mattos, BL Tardy, LG Greca, T Kämäräinen, W Xiang, O Cusola, ...
Science advances 6 (19), eaaz7328, 2020
Lignin particles for multifunctional membranes, antioxidative microfiltration, patterning, and 3D structuring
O Cusola, OJ Rojas, MB Roncero
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (48), 45226-45236, 2019
Composites of cellulose nanocrystals in combination with either cellulose nanofibril or carboxymethylcellulose as functional packaging films
J Fernández-Santos, C Valls, O Cusola, MB Roncero
International journal of biological macromolecules 211, 218-229, 2022
Cyclodextrin functionalization of several cellulosic substrates for prolonged release of antibacterial agents
O Cusola, N Tabary, MN Belgacem, J Bras
Journal of applied polymer science 129 (2), 604-613, 2013
Application of surface enzyme treatments using laccase and a hydrophobic compound to paper-based media
O Cusola, C Valls, T Vidal, MB Roncero
Bioresource technology 131, 521-526, 2013
Roughness measurement of paper using speckle
A Pino, J Pladellorens, O Cusola, J Caum
Optical Engineering 50 (9), 093605-093605-5, 2011
Improving Filmogenic and Barrier Properties of Nanocellulose Films by Addition of Biodegradable Plasticizers
J Fernández-Santos, C Valls, O Cusola, MB Roncero
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2021
Conferring antioxidant capacity to cellulose based materials by using enzymatically-modified products
O Cusola, C Valls, T Vidal, MB Roncero
Cellulose 22, 2375-2390, 2015
A Facile and Green Method to Hydrophobize Films of Cellulose Nanofibrils and Silica by Laccase‐Mediated Coupling of Nonpolar Colloidal Particles
O Cusola, MB Roncero, T Vidal, OJ Rojas
ChemSusChem 7 (10), 2868-2878, 2014
Rapid functionalisation of cellulose-based materials using a mixture containing laccase activated lauryl gallate and sulfonated lignin
O Cusola, C Valls, T Vidal, MB Roncero
Holzforschung 68 (6), 631–639, 2014
A straightforward bioprocess for a cleaner paper decolorization
C Valls, O Cusola, T Vidal, AL Torres, MB Roncero
Journal of cleaner Production 236, 117702, 2019
Using laser speckle to measure the roughness of paper
A Pino, J Pladellorens, JF Colom, O Cusola, A Tosas
Tappi Journal 10 (3), 7-13, 2011
Using electrochemical methods to study the kinetics of laccase-catalyzed oxidation of phenols
O Cusola, C Valls, T Vidal, MB Roncero
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 57 (6), 2434-2439, 2018
Electrochemical insights on the hydrophobicity of cellulose substrates imparted by enzymatically oxidized gallates with increasing alkyl chain length
O Cusola, C Valls, T Vidal, T Tzanov, MB Roncero
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (25), 13834-13841, 2015
Machine-readable pattern for colorimetric sensor interrogation
I Benito-Altamirano, P Pfeiffer, O Cusola, JD Prades
Proceedings 2 (13), 906, 2018
Evaluating the potential of ozone in creating functional groups on cellulose
C Valls, O Cusola, MB Roncero
Cellulose 29 (12), 6595-6610, 2022
Elucidating the chemical nature of laccase-modified alkyl gallates
O Cusola, C Valls, T Vidal, MB Roncero
Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology, 2020
Preparación enzimática acuosa aislada y uso para la funcionalización de la superficie del papel o soportes celulósicos
O Cusola, MB Roncero, C Valls, T Vidal
P201230852, 2012
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