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Invader Relative Impact Potential: a new metric to understand and predict the ecological impacts of existing, emerging and future invasive alien species
JTA Dick, C Laverty, JJ Lennon, D Barrios‐O'Neill, PJ Mensink, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 54 (4), 1259-1267, 2017
Functional responses can unify invasion ecology
JTA Dick, ME Alexander, A Ricciardi, C Laverty, PO Downey, M Xu, ...
Biological invasions 19, 1667-1672, 2017
Assessing the ecological impacts of invasive species based on their functional responses and abundances
C Laverty, KD Green, JTA Dick, D Barrios-O’Neill, PJ Mensink, V Médoc, ...
Biological Invasions 19, 1653-1665, 2017
Resistance is futile: lack of predator switching and a preference for native prey predict the success of an invasive prey species
RN Cuthbert, JWE Dickey, C McMorrow, C Laverty, JTA Dick
Royal Society Open Science 5 (8), 180339, 2018
Differential ecological impacts of invader and native predatory freshwater amphipods under environmental change are revealed by comparative functional responses
C Laverty, JTA Dick, ME Alexander, FE Lucy
Biological Invasions 17 (6), 1761-1770, 0
Alien aquatics in Europe: assessing the relative environmental and socioeconomic impacts of invasive aquatic macroinvertebrates and other taxa
C Laverty, W Nentwig, JTA Dick, FE Lucy
Management of Biological Invasions, 2015
On the RIP: using Relative Impact Potential to assess the ecological impacts of invasive alien species
JWE Dickey, RN Cuthbert, J South, JR Britton, J Caffrey, X Chang, ...
NeoBiota 55, 27-60, 2020
Assessing the relative potential ecological impacts and invasion risks of emerging and future invasive alien species
JWE Dickey, RN Cuthbert, M Rea, C Laverty, K Crane, J South, E Briski, ...
NeoBiota 40, 1-24, 2018
Temperature rise and parasitic infection interact to increase the impact of an invasive species
C Laverty, D Brenner, C McIlwaine, JJ Lennon, JTA Dick, FE Lucy, ...
International Journal for Parasitology 47 (5), 291-296, 2017
Consistency of impact assessment protocols for non-native species
P González-Moreno, L Lazzaro, M Vilà, C Preda, T Adriaens, S Bacher, ...
NeoBiota 44, 1-25, 2019
Intra-and intercontinental variation in the functional responses of a high impact alien invasive fish
P Boets, C Laverty, S Fukuda, H Verreycken, K Green, RJ Britton, ...
Biological Invasions 21, 1751-1762, 2019
Prey size and predator density modify impacts by natural enemies towards mosquitoes
A Dalal, RN Cuthbert, JTA Dick, A Sentis, C Laverty, D Barrios‐O'Neill, ...
Ecological Entomology 45 (3), 423-433, 2020
Fictional responses from Vonesh et al.
JTA Dick, ME Alexander, A Ricciardi, C Laverty, PO Downey, M Xu, ...
Biological invasions 19, 1677-1678, 2017
Shell shocked: high potential impacts on native prey by non-native turtles irrespective of benthic habitat context
R Cuthbert, NE Coughlan, J Dickey, M Rea, C Laverty, J South, K Crane, ...
Aquatic Invasions 14 (4), 758-774, 2019
Ecological impacts of an invasive predator are mediated by the reproductive cycle
A Dalal, J Gallogly, RN Cuthbert, C Laverty, JWE Dickey, JTA Dick
Biological Invasions 23, 669-675, 2021
La taille des proies et la densité des prédateurs modifient les impacts des ennemis naturels sur les moustiques
A Dalal, RN Cuthbert, JTA Dick, A Sentis, C Laverty, D Barrios-O'Neill, ...
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