Pallav Kumar Shrestha
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Citované v
Evaluation and application of a SWAT model to assess the climate change impact on the hydrology of the Himalayan River Basin
B Bhatta, S Shrestha, PK Shrestha, R Talchabhadel
Catena 181, 104082, 2019
Integrated assessment of the climate and landuse change impact on hydrology and water quality in the Songkhram River Basin, Thailand
S Shrestha, B Bhatta, M Shrestha, PK Shrestha
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Bias correction of climate models for hydrological modelling–are simple methods still useful?
M Shrestha, SC Acharya, PK Shrestha
Meteorological Applications 24 (3), 531-539, 2017
Evaluation of the SWAT model performance for simulating river discharge in the Himalayan and tropical basins of Asia
S Shrestha, M Shrestha, PK Shrestha
Hydrology Research 49 (3), 846-860, 2018
Model-based estimation of land subsidence in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
PK Shrestha, NM Shakya, VP Pandey, SJ Birkinshaw, S Shrestha
Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 8 (2), 974-996, 2017
Modelling the impact of past and future climate scenarios on streamflow in a highly mountainous watershed: A case study in the West Seti River Basin, Nepal
B Bhatta, S Shrestha, PK Shrestha, R Talchabhadel
Science of the Total Environment 740, 140156, 2020
Evaluation of land use change and its impact on water yield in Songkhram River basin, Thailand
M Shrestha, S Shrestha, PK Shrestha
International Journal of River Basin Management 18 (1), 23-31, 2020
Multi-model climate change projections for Belu River Basin, Myanmar under representative concentration pathways.
MT Aung, S Shrestha, S Weesakul, PK Shrestha
A drought monitoring tool for South Asia
TR Saha, PK Shrestha, O Rakovec, S Thober, L Samaniego
Environmental Research Letters 16 (5), 054014, 2021
Susceptibility of water resources and hydropower production to climate change in the tropics: the case of Lake Malawi and Shire River Basins, SE Africa
L Mtilatila, A Bronstert, P Shrestha, P Kadewere, K Vormoor
Hydrology 7 (3), 54, 2020
How significant is sub‐daily variability of rainfall for hydrological modelling of floods? A satellite based approach to sub‐daily downscaling of gauged rainfall
PK Shrestha, S Shrestha, S Ninsawat
Meteorological Applications 26 (2), 288-299, 2019
Climate change impact on groundwater recharge and suggested adaptation strategies for selected Asian cities
S Shrestha, NAT Hoang, PK Shrestha, B Bhatta
APN Science Bulletin, 2018
Mesoscale hydrologic model—mHM v5. 11.1
L Samaniego, J Brenner, J Craven, M Cuntz, G Dalmasso, CM Demirel, ...
Zenodo [code] 10, 2021
Testing the mHM-MPR Reliability for Parameter Transferability across Locations in North–Central Nigeria
KN Ogbu, O Rakovec, PK Shrestha, L Samaniego, B Tischbein, H Meresa
Hydrology 9 (9), 158, 2022
High-resolution Hydrologic forecasts were able to predict the 2021 German Floods: what failed?
L Samaniego, H Najafi, O Rakovec, PK Shrestha, S Thober
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2021, H45V-1461, 2021
High-resolution impact-based early warning system for riverine flooding
H Najafi, PK Shrestha, O Rakovec, H Apel, S Vorogushyn, R Kumar, ...
Nature communications 15 (1), 3726, 2024
Post-Assessment of ECMWF-mHM ensemble flood forecasting for 2021 summer flood in west Germany
H Najafi, O Rakovec, PK Shrestha, S Thober, L Samaniego
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2022, H35I-1221, 2022
Toward improved simulations of disruptive reservoirs in global hydrological modeling
PK Shrestha, L Samaniego, O Rakovec, R Kumar, C Mi, K Rinke, ...
Water Resources Research 60 (4), e2023WR035433, 2024
Recent advances in developing high-resolution flood forecasting systems in Germany
H Najafi, O Rakovec, PK Shrestha, R Kumar, S Vorogushyn, H Apel, ...
EGU24, 2024
Understanding Hydrological Model Performance through Variability Analysis of Observed Water Balance Components and Meteorological Forcings
E Modiri, L Samaniego, R Schweppe, PK Shrestha, O Rakovec, ...
EGU24, 2024
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