Filip Tulis
Filip Tulis
Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra
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Citované v
Responses of the long-eared owl Asio otus diet and the numbers of wintering individuals to changing abundance of the common vole Microtus arvalis
F Tulis, M Baláž, J Obuch, K Šotnár
Biologia 70 (5), 667-673, 2015
Expansion of the Striped field mouse (Apodemus agrarius) in the south-western Slovakia during 2010–2015
F Tulis, M Ambros, I Baláz, D Ziak, VH Sládkovicová, P Miklós, A Dudich, ...
Folia Oecologica 43 (1), 64-73, 2016
Hlodavce a hmyzožravce Slovenska
I Baláž, M Ambros, F Tulis, T Veselovský, P Klimant, G Augustiničová
Edícia Prírodovedec č 547, 2013
Small mammals in an urban area: habitat preferences and urban-rural gradient in Nitra city, Slovakia
P Klimant, A Klimantová, I Baláž, I Jakab, F Tulis, Ľ Rybanský, Ľ Vadel, ...
Polish Journal of Ecology 65 (1), 144-157, 2017
Barn Owl (Tyto alba) Diet Composition on Intensively Used Agricultural Land in the Danube Lowland
T Veselovský, K Bacsa, F Tulis
Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis 65 (1 …, 2017
Changes of small mammal communities with the altitude gradient
J Kamenišťák, I Baláž, F Tulis, I Jakab, M Ševčík, Z Poláčiková, P Klimant, ...
Biologia 75 (5), 713-722, 2020
Diet composition of syntopically breeding falcon species and in south-western Slovakia
F Tulis, R Slobodník, V Langraf, M Noga, Z Krumpálová, Z Šustek, ...
Raptor Journal 11 (1), 15-30, 2017
Food supply (Orthoptera, Mantodea, Rodentia and Eulipotyphla) and food preferences of the red-footed falcon (Falco vespertinus) in Slovakia
A Krištín, F Tulis, P Klimant, K Bacsa, M Ambros
Slovak Raptor Journal 11 (1), 1, 2017
Soil Contamination in the Problem Areas of Agrarian Slovakia
D Fazekašová, F Petrovič, J Fazekaš, L Štofejová, I Baláž, F Tulis, T Tóth
Land 10 (11), 1248, 2021
The occurrence of Pannonian root vole (Microtus oeconomus mehelyi) in small mammals' communities in Danubian Plain
M Ambros, I Baláz, P Klimant, F Tulis, A Dudich, A Stollmann, G Horváth
Folia Oecologica 43 (1), 83-88, 2016
Biology and distribution of the species of the family Muridae (Rodentia) in Slovakia
I Baláž, M Ambros, F Tulis
Second part: Apodemus flavicollis, Apodemus sylvaticus, Apodemus uralensis …, 2012
Hlodavce a hmyzožravce Slovenska [Rodents and insectivores of Slovakia]
I Baláž, M Ambros, F Tulis, T Veselovský, P Klimant, G Augustiničová
FPV UKF, Nitra 198, 2013
Long-eared Owls roosted in the forest, still hunted in open land
F Tulis, M Ševčík, J Obuch
Raptor Journal 13 (1), 105-119, 2019
Monitoring of colonies and provisioning of rooks with nest material as a potential tool for stabilizing colonies and increasing nesting opportunities in the countryside …
R Slobodník, F Tulis, J Chavko, J Lengyel
Slovak Raptor Journal 11 (1), 43, 2017
Land units composition of home ranges and changing of winter roosts of long-eared owl Asio otus
F Tulis, I Jakab, R Slobodník, M Hudec
Ekológia 34 (2), 147, 2015
Genetic variability and conservation of the endangered Pannonian root vole in fragmented habitats of an agricultural landscape
KA Kelemen, F Urzi, E Buzan, GF Horváth, F Tulis, I Baláž
Nature Conservation 43, 167, 2021
Diversity, distribution and changes in communities of fleas on small mammals along the elevational gradient from the Pannonian Plain to the Carpathian Mountains
I Baláž, M Ševčík, F Tulis, M Zigová, A Dudich
Parasitology 148 (1), 63-73, 2021
Differentiation of flea communities of small mammals in selected habitats in the Eastern Tatra Mts
I Baláž, F Tulis, M Zigová
Folia Oecologica 46 (2), 137-145, 2019
Different alternative diets within two subgroups in a winter roost of long-eared owls
F Tulis, T Veselovský, S Birrer
Raptor Journal 13 (1), 139-144, 2019
Spatial density of two sympatric species Yellow-necked Mouse Apodemus flavicollis and Bank Vole Clethrionomys glareolus in different environment
I Baláž, I Jakab, F Tulis, M Ambros
Folia Oecologica 43 (2), 121-128, 2016
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