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Adam Baimel
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The evolution of religion and morality: A synthesis of ethnographic and experimental evidence from eight societies
BG Purzycki, J Henrich, C Apicella, QD Atkinson, A Baimel, E Cohen, ...
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Enhancing “theory of mind” through behavioral synchrony
A Baimel, RL Severson, AS Baron, SAJ Birch
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Coordinating bodies and minds: Behavioral synchrony fosters mentalizing
A Baimel, SAJ Birch, A Norenzayan
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Rewarding the good and punishing the bad: The role of karma and afterlife beliefs in shaping moral norms
AK Willard, A Baimel, H Turpin, J Jong, H Whitehouse
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A many-analysts approach to the relation between religiosity and well-being
S Hoogeveen, A Sarafoglou, B Aczel, Y Aditya, AJ Alayan, PJ Allen, ...
Religion, Brain & Behavior 13 (3), 237-283, 2023
Towards a psychology of religion and the environment
JL Preston, A Baimel
Current Opinion in Psychology 40, 145-149, 2021
How cultural learning and cognitive biases shape religious beliefs
CJM White, A Baimel, A Norenzayan
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Cognitive pathways to belief in karma and belief in god
CJM White, AK Willard, A Baimel, A Norenzayan
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What are the causes and consequences of belief in karma?
C White, A Baimel, A Norenzayan
Religion, Brain & Behavior 7 (4), 339-342, 2017
Perspectives on perspective taking: how children think about the minds of others
SAJ Birch, V Li, T Haddock, SE Ghrear, P Brosseau-Liard, A Baimel, ...
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Children's understanding of when a person's confidence and hesitancy is a cue to their credibility
SAJ Birch, RL Severson, A Baimel
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Religiosity and resource allocation in Marajó, Brazil
E Cohen, A Baimel, BG Purzycki
Religion, Brain & Behavior 8 (2), 168-184, 2018
Ecospirituality: The psychology of moral concern for nature
MI Billet, A Baimel, SS Sahakari, M Schaller, A Norenzayan
Journal of Environmental Psychology 87, 102001, 2023
Material insecurity predicts greater commitment to moralistic and less commitment to local deities: a cross-cultural investigation
A Baimel, C Apicella, Q Atkinson, A Bolyanatz, E Cohen, C Handley, ...
Religion, brain & behavior 12 (1-2), 4-17, 2022
How is analytical thinking related to religious belief? A test of three theoretical models
A Baimel, CJM White, H Sarkissian, A Norenzayan
Religion, Brain & Behavior, 1-22, 2021
Machiavellian strategist or cultural learner? Mentalizing and learning over development in a resource-sharing game
A Baimel, M Juda, S Birch, J Henrich
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Traumatic life experiences and religiosity in eight countries
J Jong, A Baimel, R Ross, R McKay, M Bluemke, J Halberstadt
Scientific data 7 (1), 140, 2020
Reasoning about the supernatural: A cross-cultural examination of how and when intuitions shape belief
AS Baimel
University of British Columbia, 2019
Are the classic false belief tasks cursed? Young children are just as likely as older children to pass a false belief task when they are not required to overcome the curse of …
S Ghrear, A Baimel, T Haddock, SAJ Birch
Plos one 16 (2), e0244141, 2021
Examining the Minds of Gods
BG Purzycki, A Baimel
Religion, 45-60, 2017
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