Joshua M Tybur
Joshua M Tybur
Professor of Psychology and Infectious Disease - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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Citované v
Going green to be seen: status, reputation, and conspicuous conservation.
V Griskevicius, JM Tybur, B Van den Bergh
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RA Klein, M Vianello, F Hasselman, BG Adams, RB Adams Jr, S Alper, ...
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G Miller, JM Tybur, BD Jordan
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The financial consequences of too many men: sex ratio effects on saving, borrowing, and spending.
V Griskevicius, JM Tybur, JM Ackerman, AW Delton, TE Robertson, ...
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Personality and Social Psychology Review 21 (4), 361-388, 2017
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JM Tybur, LA Merriman, AEC Hooper, MM McDonald, CD Navarrete
Evolutionary Psychology 8 (4), 147470491000800406, 2010
Disgust sensitivity, obesity stigma, and gender: Contamination psychology predicts weight bias for women, not men
JDL Debra L Lieberman, Josh M Tybur
Obesity 20 (9), 1803-1814, 2012
Mate preferences and infectious disease: Theoretical considerations and evidence in humans
JM Tybur, SW Gangestad
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 366 …, 2011
Sex differences and sex similarities in disgust sensitivity
JM Tybur, AD Bryan, D Lieberman, AEC Hooper, LA Merriman
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Evolution and Human Behavior 31 (1), 69-74, 2010
Human pathogen avoidance adaptations
JM Tybur, D Lieberman
Current Opinion in Psychology 7, 6-11, 2016
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