Mario Eduardo Villanueva
Mario Eduardo Villanueva
IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca
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Citované v
Citované v
Robust MPC via min–max differential inequalities
ME Villanueva, R Quirynen, M Diehl, B Chachuat, B Houska
Automatica 77, 311-321, 2017
Unified framework for the propagation of continuous-time enclosures for parametric nonlinear ODEs
ME Villanueva, B Houska, B Chachuat
Journal of Global Optimization 62, 575-613, 2015
Set-theoretic approaches in analysis, estimation and control of nonlinear systems
B Chachuat, B Houska, R Paulen, N Peri'c, J Rajyaguru, ME Villanueva
IFAC-PapersOnLine 48 (8), 981-995, 2015
Evaluation of criteria for bioreactor comparison and operation standardization for mammalian cell culture
O Platas Barradas, U Jandt, LD Minh Phan, ME Villanueva, M Schaletzky, ...
Engineering in Life Sciences 12 (5), 518-528, 2012
Guaranteed parameter estimation of non-linear dynamic systems using high-order bounding techniques with domain and CPU-time reduction strategies
R Paulen, ME Villanueva, B Chachuat
IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information 33 (3), 563-587, 2016
A validated integration algorithm for nonlinear ODEs using Taylor models and ellipsoidal calculus
B Houska, ME Villanueva, B Chachuat
52nd IEEE conference on decision and control, 484-489, 2013
Robust optimization for MPC
B Houska, ME Villanueva
Handbook of model predictive control, 413-443, 2019
Bounding the solutions of parametric ODEs: When Taylor models meet differential inequalities
B Chachuat, M Villanueva
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 30, 1307-1311, 2012
Stable set-valued integration of nonlinear dynamic systems using affine set-parameterizations
B Houska, ME Villanueva, B Chachuat
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 53 (5), 2307-2328, 2015
Real-time tube MPC applied to a 10-state quadrotor model
H Hu, X Feng, R Quirynen, ME Villanueva, B Houska
2018 Annual American Control Conference (ACC), 3135-3140, 2018
Guaranteed parameter estimation in nonlinear dynamic systems using improved bounding techniques
R Paulen, M Villanueva, M Fikar, B Chachuat
2013 European Control Conference (ECC), 4514-4519, 2013
Set-membership nonlinear regression approach to parameter estimation
ND Perić, R Paulen, ME Villanueva, B Chachuat
Journal of Process Control 70, 80-95, 2018
Towards global optimal control via koopman lifts
ME Villanueva, CN Jones, B Houska
Automatica 132, 109610, 2021
Chebyshev model arithmetic for factorable functions
J Rajyaguru, ME Villanueva, B Houska, B Chachuat
Journal of Global Optimization 68, 413-438, 2017
A set-theoretic generalization of dissipativity with applications in Tube MPC
ME Villanueva, E De Lazzari, MA Müller, B Houska
Automatica 122, 109179, 2020
Computing ellipsoidal robust forward invariant tubes for nonlinear MPC
ME Villanueva, JC Li, X Feng, B Chachuat, B Houska
IFAC-PapersOnLine 50 (1), 7175-7180, 2017
On stochastic linear systems with zonotopic support sets
ME Villanueva, B Houska
Automatica 111, 108652, 2020
Ellipsoidal arithmetic for multivariate systems
ME Villanueva, J Rajyaguru, B Houska, B Chachuat
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 37, 767-772, 2015
Criteria for bioreactor comparison and operation standardisation during process development for mammalian cell culture
O Platas Barradas, U Jandt, L Da Minh Phan, M Villanueva, A Rath, ...
BMC Proceedings 5, 1-3, 2011
Branch-and-lift algorithm for obstacle avoidance control
X Feng, ME Villanueva, B Chachuat, B Houska
2017 IEEE 56th Annual Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 745-750, 2017
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