Kaluzhskiy Leonid
Kaluzhskiy Leonid
Institute of Biomedical Chemistry
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Protein interactomics based on direct molecular fishing on paramagnetic particles: Practical realization and further SPR validation
AS Ivanov, A Medvedev, P Ershov, A Molnar, Y Mezentsev, E Yablokov, ...
Proteomics 14 (20), 2261-2274, 2014
Enzymes in the cholesterol synthesis pathway: interactomics in the cancer context
P Ershov, L Kaluzhskiy, Y Mezentsev, E Yablokov, O Gnedenko, A Ivanov
Biomedicines 9 (8), 895, 2021
SPR biosensors in direct molecular fishing: implications for protein interactomics
A Florinskaya, P Ershov, Y Mezentsev, L Kaluzhskiy, E Yablokov, ...
Sensors 18 (5), 1616, 2018
Glycosides from edible sea cucumbers stimulate macrophages via purinergic receptors
D Aminin, E Pislyagin, M Astashev, A Es’ kov, V Kozhemyako, S Avilov, ...
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 39683, 2016
Protein interactomics based on direct molecular fishing on paramagnetic particles: Experimental simulation and SPR validation
P Ershov, Y Mezentsev, O Gnedenko, D Mukha, A Yantsevich, V Britikov, ...
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A large-scale comparative analysis of affinity, thermodynamics and functional characteristics of interactions of twelve cytochrome P450 isoforms and their redox partners
EO Yablokov, TA Sushko, PV Ershov, AV Florinskaya, OV Gnedenko, ...
Biochimie 162, 156-166, 2019
Direct molecular fishing in molecular partners investigation in protein–protein and protein–peptide interactions
AS Ivanov, PV Ershov, AA Molnar, YV Mezentsev, LA Kaluzhskiy, ...
Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 42, 14-21, 2016
A new multigene HCIQ subfamily from the sea anemone Heteractis crispa encodes Kunitz-peptides exhibiting neuroprotective activity against 6-hydroxydopamine
A Kvetkina, E Leychenko, V Chausova, E Zelepuga, N Chernysheva, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 4205, 2020
Direct molecular fishing of new protein partners for human thromboxane synthase
AV Svirid, PV Ershov, EO Yablokov, LA Kaluzhskiy, AV Florinskaya, ...
Acta Naturae (англоязычная версия) 9 (4 (34)), 92-100, 2017
Human lanosterol 14-alpha demethylase (CYP51A1) Is a putative target for natural flavonoid luteolin 7, 3′-disulfate
L Kaluzhskiy, P Ershov, E Yablokov, T Shkel, I Grabovec, Y Mezentsev, ...
Molecules 26 (8), 2237, 2021
Substrate-induced modulation of protein-protein interactions within human mitochondrial cytochrome P450-dependent system
EO Yablokov, TA Sushko, LA Kaluzhskiy, AA Kavaleuski, YV Mezentsev, ...
The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 208, 105793, 2021
Insights into ergosterol peroxide’s trypanocidal activity
T Meza-Menchaca, A Ramos-Ligonio, A López-Monteon, A Vidal Limón, ...
Biomolecules 9 (9), 484, 2019
Affinity isolation and mass spectrometry identification of prostacyclin synthase (PTGIS) subinteractome
PV Ershov, YV Mezentsev, AT Kopylov, EO Yablokov, AV Svirid, ...
Biology 8 (2), 49, 2019
Structural Analogues of Lanosterol from Marine Organisms of the Class Asteroidea as Potential Inhibitors of Human and Candida albicans Lanosterol 14α …
LA Kaluzhskiy, TV Shkel, NV Ivanchina, AA Kicha, IP Grabovec, AA Gilep, ...
Natural Product Communications 12 (12), 1934578X1701201207, 2017
Effect of bioregulator Isatin on protein–protein interactions involving isatin-binding proteins
PV Ershov, YV Mezentsev, EO Yablokov, LA Kaluzhsky, AV Florinskaya, ...
Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 44, 193-198, 2018
Kunitz-type peptides from sea anemones protect neuronal cells against Parkinson’s disease inductors via inhibition of ROS production and ATP-induced P2X7 receptor activation
A Kvetkina, E Pislyagin, E Menchinskaya, E Yurchenko, R Kalina, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (9), 5115, 2022
A new insight into subinteractomes of functional antagonists: Thromboxane (CYP5A1) and prostacyclin (CYP8A1) synthases
PV Ershov, E Yablokov, V Zgoda, Y Mezentsev, O Gnedenko, ...
Cell Biology International 45 (6), 1175-1182, 2021
Direct molecular fishing of protein partners for proteins encoded by genes of human chromosome 18 in HepG2 cell lysate
PV Ershov, YV Mezentsev, EO Yablokov, LA Kaluzhskiy, AV Florinskaya, ...
Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 44, 759-768, 2018
Screening of human cytochrome P450 (51)(CYP51A1) inhibitors: structural lanosterol analogues of plant and animal origin
LA Kaluzhskiy, OV Gnedenko, AA Gilep, NV Strushkevich, TV Shkel, ...
Biochemistry (Moscow) Supplement Series B: Biomedical Chemistry 8, 349-360, 2014
The analysis of participation of individual proteins in the protein interactome formation
AV Florinskaya, PV Ershov, YV Mezentsev, LA Kaluzhskiy, EO Yablokov, ...
Biochemistry (Moscow), Supplement Series B: Biomedical Chemistry 12, 241-246, 2018
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