Martha M. Muñoz
Martha M. Muñoz
Assistant Professor at Yale University
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Citované v
Evolutionary stasis and lability in thermal physiology in a group of tropical lizards
MM Munoz, MA Stimola, AC Algar, A Conover, AJ Rodriguez, ...
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MM Muñoz, JB Losos
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The Bogert effect, a factor in evolution
MM Muñoz
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Mechanical sensitivity and the dynamics of evolutionary rate shifts in biomechanical systems
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Untangling Intra- and Interspecific Effects on Body Size Clines Reveals Divergent Processes Structuring Convergent Patterns in Anolis Lizards
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The future is bright for evolutionary morphology and biomechanics in the era of big data
MM Muñoz, SA Price
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MM Muñoz
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Ecological opportunity from innovation, not islands, drove the anole lizard adaptive radiation
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Systematic Biology 71 (1), 93-104, 2022
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JC Salazar, M del Rosario Castañeda, GA Londono, BL Bodensteiner, ...
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SF Domínguez‐Guerrero, BL Bodensteiner, A Pardo‐Ramírez, ...
Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological and Integrative …, 2021
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