Andrew Crump
Andrew Crump
Lecturer in Animal Cognition & Welfare, Royal Veterinary College
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Review of the Evidence of Sentience in Cephalopod Molluscs and Decapod Crustaceans
J Birch, C Burn, A Schnell, H Browning, A Crump
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra), 2021
Sentience in decapod crustaceans: A general framework and review of the evidence
A Crump, H Browning, A Schnell, C Burn, J Birch
Animal Sentience 7 (32), 1, 2022
Affect-driven attention biases as animal welfare indicators: review and methods
A Crump, G Arnott, EJ Bethell
Animals 8 (8), 136, 2018
Microplastics disrupt hermit crab shell selection
A Crump, C Mullens, EJ Bethell, EM Cunningham, G Arnott
Biology letters 16 (4), 20200030, 2020
Pasture access affects behavioral indicators of wellbeing in dairy cows
A Crump, K Jenkins, EJ Bethell, CP Ferris, G Arnott
Animals 9 (11), 902, 2019
Effect of environmental complexity and stocking density on fear and anxiety in broiler chickens
MG Anderson, AM Campbell, A Crump, G Arnott, RC Newberry, L Jacobs
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Can insects feel pain? A review of the neural and behavioural evidence
M Gibbons, A Crump, M Barrett, S Sarlak, J Birch, L Chittka
Advances in Insect Physiology 63, 155-229, 2022
Optimism and pasture access in dairy cows
A Crump, K Jenkins, EJ Bethell, CP Ferris, H Kabboush, J Weller, G Arnott
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Motivational trade-offs and modulation of nociception in bumblebees
M Gibbons, E Versace, A Crump, B Baran, L Chittka
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Environmental complexity positively impacts affective states of broiler chickens
MG Anderson, AM Campbell, A Crump, G Arnott, L Jacobs
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Emotion in animal contests
A Crump, EJ Bethell, R Earley, VE Lee, M Mendl, L Oldham, SP Turner, ...
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How should we study animal consciousness scientifically?
J Birch, DM Broom, H Browning, A Crump, S Ginsburg, M Halina, ...
Journal of consciousness studies 29 (3-4), 8-28, 2022
Animal contests and microplastics: evidence of disrupted behaviour in hermit crabs Pagurus bernhardus
EM Cunningham, A Mundye, L Kregting, JTA Dick, A Crump, G Riddell, ...
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Invertebrate sentience and sustainable seafood
A Crump, H Browning, AK Schnell, C Burn, J Birch
Nature Food 3 (11), 884-886, 2022
Animal consciousness: The interplay of neural and behavioural evidence
A Crump, J Birch
Journal of Consciousness Studies 29 (3-4), 104-128, 2022
Does microplastic exposure and sex influence shell selection and motivation in the common European hermit crab, Pagurus bernhardus?
A McDaid, EM Cunningham, A Crump, G Hardiman, G Arnott
Science of the Total Environment 855, 158576, 2023
Canine socialisation: a narrative systematic review
V McEvoy, UB Espinosa, A Crump, G Arnott
Animals 12 (21), 2895, 2022
Is it time for insect researchers to consider their subjects’ welfare?
A Crump, M Gibbons, M Barrett, J Birch, L Chittka
PLoS biology 21 (6), e3002138, 2023
Animal sentience science and policy
A Crump
Animal Sentience 31 (15), 2022
Animal sentience research: Synthesis and proposals
A Crump, H Browning, AK Schnell, C Burn, J Birch
Animal Sentience 7, 2022
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