Karl Phillips
Karl Phillips
Canadian Rivers Institute, University of New Brunswick
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Immunogenetic novelty confers a selective advantage in host–pathogen coevolution
KP Phillips, J Cable, RS Mohammed, M Herdegen-Radwan, J Raubic, ...
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Reconstructing paternal genotypes to infer patterns of sperm storage and sexual selection in the hawksbill turtle
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Evidence of opposing fitness effects of parental heterozygosity and relatedness in a critically endangered marine turtle?
KP Phillips, TH Jorgensen, KG Jolliffe, DS Richardson
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Toll‐like receptor variation in the bottlenecked population of the Seychelles warbler: computer simulations see the ‘ghost of selection past’and quantify the ‘drift debt’
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Low genetic diversity after a bottleneck in a population of a critically endangered migratory marine turtle species
A Natoli, KP Phillips, DS Richardson, RW Jabado
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454 screening of individual MHC variation in an endemic island passerine
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Spawning-related movements in a salmonid appear timed to reduce exposure to visually oriented predators
RW Finlay, R Poole, AS French, KP Phillips, J Kaufmann, A Doogan, ...
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The role of MHC supertypes in promoting trans-species polymorphism remains an open question
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Animal Microbiome 4 (1), 1-17, 2022
Do female amphibians and reptiles have greater reproductive output if they have more mates?
PLM Lee, CDH Sherman, LA Rollins, E Wapstra, KP Phillips
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 76 (7), 96, 2022
Domestication‐induced reduction in eye size revealed in multiple common garden experiments: The case of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)
WB Perry, J Kaufmann, MF Solberg, C Brodie, AM Coral Medina, K Pillay, ...
Evolutionary applications 14 (9), 2319-2332, 2021
Season-long sperm storage and no multiple paternity in green turtles (Chelonia mydas) nesting on Cousine Island, Seychelles
KP Phillips, JA Mortimer, KG Jolliffe, SM Jolliffe, RD Hodgkiss, ...
Marine Turtle Newsletter 154, 6-11, 2017
Population genetics reveal patterns of natural colonisation of an ecologically and commercially important invasive fish
C O’Toole, KP Phillips, C Bradley, J Coughlan, E Dillane, IA Fleming, ...
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 78 (10), 1497-1511, 2021
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