Eugene Postnikov
Eugene Postnikov
Kursk State University (Курский государственный университет), Head of the Theoretical Physics Dept.
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Citované v
Citované v
Estimation of COVID-19 dynamics “on a back-of-envelope”: Does the simplest SIR model provide quantitative parameters and predictions?
EB Postnikov
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Free and bound states of ions in ionic liquids, conductivity, and underscreening paradox
G Feng, M Chen, S Bi, ZAH Goodwin, EB Postnikov, N Brilliantov, ...
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Brownian yet non-Gaussian diffusion in heterogeneous media: from superstatistics to homogenization
EB Postnikov, A Chechkin, IM Sokolov
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Continuum description of a contact infection spread in a SIR model
EB Postnikov, IM Sokolov
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VK Singh, EB Postnikov
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SG Yemelyanov, VM Polunin, AM Storozhenko, EB Postnikov, ...
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EB Postnikov, EA Lebedeva, AI Lavrova
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Brusselator—an abstract chemical reaction?
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Thermodynamic properties of 1, 2-dichloroethane and 1, 2-dibromoethane under elevated pressures: experimental results and predictions of a novel DIPPR-based version of FT-EoS …
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The behaviour of gas inclusions in a magnetic fluid in a non-uniform magnetic field
PA Ryapolov, VM Polunin, EB Postnikov, VG Bashtovoi, AG Reks, ...
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EB Postnikov
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EA Lebedeva, EB Postnikov
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Resonance properties of magnetic fluid sealants
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Behavior of a gas bubble separating from a cavity formed in magnetic fluid in an inhomogeneous magnetic field
PA Ryapolov, EA Sokolov, EB Postnikov
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Elasticity of an air cavity in a magnetic fluid on an annular magnet segment with changing magnetic field sign
VM Polunin, PA Ryapolov, KS Ryabtsev, NS Kobelev, IA Shabanova, ...
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A fluctuation equation of state for prediction of high-pressure densities of ionic liquids
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A correspondence between the models of Hodgkin-Huxley and FitzHugh-Nagumo revisited
EB Postnikov, OV Titkova
The European Physical Journal Plus 131, 1-9, 2016
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