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Johan Dekoster
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Characterization of GeSn materials for future Ge pMOSFETs source/drain stressors
B Vincent, Y Shimura, S Takeuchi, T Nishimura, G Eneman, A Firrincieli, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 88 (4), 342-346, 2011
AlGaN/GaN/AlGaN double heterostructures grown on 200 mm silicon (111) substrates with high electron mobility
K Cheng, H Liang, M Van Hove, K Geens, B De Jaeger, P Srivastava, ...
Applied Physics Express 5 (1), 011002, 2011
Site selective integration of III–V materials on Si for nanoscale logic and photonic devices
M Paladugu, C Merckling, R Loo, O Richard, H Bender, J Dekoster, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 12 (10), 4696-4702, 2012
Selective area growth of high quality InP on Si (001) substrates
G Wang, MR Leys, R Loo, O Richard, H Bender, N Waldron, G Brammertz, ...
Applied Physics Letters 97 (12), 2010
Spin density wave instability for chromium in Fe/Cr (100) multilayers
J Meersschaut, J Dekoster, R Schad, P Beliën, M Rots
Physical review letters 75 (8), 1638, 1995
Polytypic InP nanolaser monolithically integrated on (001) silicon
Z Wang, B Tian, M Paladugu, M Pantouvaki, N Le Thomas, C Merckling, ...
Nano letters 13 (11), 5063-5069, 2013
Concentration-controlled phase selection of silicide formation during reactive deposition
A Vantomme, S Degroote, J Dekoster, G Langouche, R Pretorius
Applied physics letters 74 (21), 3137-3139, 1999
Effective reduction of interfacial traps in Al2O3/GaAs (001) gate stacks using surface engineering and thermal annealing
YC Chang, C Merckling, J Penaud, CY Lu, WE Wang, J Dekoster, ...
Applied physics letters 97 (11), 2010
Low interfacial trap density and sub-nm equivalent oxide thickness in In0. 53Ga0. 47As (001) metal-oxide-semiconductor devices using molecular beam deposited HfO2/Al2O3 as gate …
LK Chu, C Merckling, A Alian, J Dekoster, J Kwo, M Hong, M Caymax, ...
Applied Physics Letters 99 (4), 2011
Coarsening of antiferromagnetic domains in multilayers: the key role of magnetocrystalline anisotropy
DL Nagy, L Bottyan, B Croonenborghs, L Deák, B Degroote, J Dekoster, ...
Physical review letters 88 (15), 157202, 2002
GaSb molecular beam epitaxial growth on p-InP (001) and passivation with in situ deposited Al2O3 gate oxide
C Merckling, X Sun, A Alian, G Brammertz, VV Afanas’ev, TY Hoffmann, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (7), 2011
Epilayer-induced structural transition to bcc Co during epitaxial growth of Co/Fe superlattices
J Dekoster, E Jedryka, C Meny, G Langouche
Europhysics letters 22 (6), 433, 1993
Towards high mobility GeSn channel nMOSFETs: Improved surface passivation using novel ozone oxidation method
S Gupta, B Vincent, B Yang, D Lin, F Gencarelli, JYJ Lin, R Chen, ...
2012 International Electron Devices Meeting, 16.2. 1-16.2. 4, 2012
Selective area growth of InP in shallow-trench-isolated structures on off-axis Si (001) substrates
G Wang, MR Leys, ND Nguyen, R Loo, G Brammertz, O Richard, ...
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 157 (11), H1023, 2010
Ge1− xSnx stressors for strained-Ge CMOS
S Takeuchi, Y Shimura, T Nishimura, B Vincent, G Eneman, T Clarysse, ...
Solid-State Electronics 60 (1), 53-57, 2011
Epitaxial growth of bcc Co/Fe superlattices
J Dekoster, E Jedryka, C Meny, G Langouche
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 121 (1-3), 69-72, 1993
Magnetism and structure in hexagonal Fe/Ru superlattices with short periodicity
M Maurer, M Piecuch, MF Ravet, JC Ousset, JP Sanchez, C Aaron, ...
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 93, 15-24, 1991
GeSn channel nMOSFETs: Material potential and technological outlook
S Gupta, B Vincent, DHC Lin, M Gunji, A Firrincieli, F Gencarelli, ...
2012 Symposium on VLSI Technology (VLSIT), 95-96, 2012
Formation of Ni (Ge1− xSnx) layers with solid-phase reaction in Ni/Ge1− xSnx/Ge systems
T Nishimura, O Nakatsuka, Y Shimura, S Takeuchi, B Vincent, ...
Solid-State Electronics 60 (1), 46-52, 2011
New phases and chemical short range order in co-deposited CoFe thin films with bcc structure: an NMR study
M Wojcik, JP Jay, P Panissod, E Jedryka, J Dekoster, G Langouche
Zeitschrift für Physik B Condensed Matter 103, 5-12, 1997
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