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Sam Meyer
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Single-base resolution mapping of H1–nucleosome interactions and 3D organization of the nucleosome
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Chromosomal organization of transcription: in a nutshell
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DNA Supercoiling: an Ancestral Regulator of Gene Expression in Pathogenic Bacteria?
S Martis, R Forquet, S Reverchon, W Nasser, S Meyer
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Temperature dependence of the DNA double helix at the nanoscale: structure, elasticity, and fluctuations
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APERO: a genome-wide approach for identifying bacterial small RNAs from RNA-Seq data
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DNA Physical properties and nucleosome positions are major determinants of HIV-1 integrase selectivity
M Naughtin, Z Haftek-Terreau, J Xavier, S Meyer, M Silvain, ...
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Application of Edwards’ statistical mechanics to high-dimensional jammed sphere packings
Y Jin, P Charbonneau, S Meyer, C Song, F Zamponi
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The nucleoid-associated protein IHF acts as a ‘transcriptional domainin’protein coordinating the bacterial virulence traits with global transcription
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Role of the Discriminator Sequence in the Supercoiling Sensitivity of Bacterial Promoters
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ThreaDNA: predicting DNA mechanics’ contribution to sequence selectivity of proteins along whole genomes
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Temperature-induced variation in gene expression burst size in metazoan cells
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Mapping the complex transcriptional landscape of the phytopathogenic bacterium Dickeya dadantii
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R Forquet, W Nasser, S Reverchon, S Meyer
Nucleic Acids Research 50 (13), 7287-7297, 2022
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