Filip Tichanek
Filip Tichanek
Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM)
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Dragonflies of freshwater pools in lignite spoil heaps: Restoration management, habitat structure and conservation value
F Harabiš, F Tichanek, R Tropek
Ecological Engineering 55, 51-61, 2013
Restoration management of fly ash deposits crucially influence their conservation potential for terrestrial arthropods
R Tropek, I Cerna, J Straka, T Kadlec, P Pech, F Tichanek, P Sebek
Ecological engineering 73, 45-52, 2014
In search for a compromise between biodiversity conservation and human health protection in restoration of fly ash deposits: effect of anti-dust treatments on five groups of …
R Tropek, I Cerna, J Straka, P Kocarek, I Malenovsky, F Tichanek, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23, 13653-13660, 2016
Conservation value of post-mining headwaters: drainage channels at a lignite spoil heap harbour threatened stream dragonflies
F Tichanek, R Tropek
Journal of insect conservation 19, 975-985, 2015
Effect of different restoration approaches on two species of newts (Amphibia: Caudata) in Central European lignite spoil heaps
V Kolář, F Tichanek, R Tropek
Ecological Engineering 99, 310-315, 2017
Consensus paper: strengths and weaknesses of animal models of spinocerebellar ataxias and their clinical implications
J Cendelin, M Cvetanovic, M Gandelman, H Hirai, HT Orr, SM Pulst, ...
The Cerebellum 21 (3), 452-481, 2022
Hippocampal mitochondrial dysfunction and psychiatric-relevant behavioral deficits in spinocerebellar ataxia 1 mouse model
F Tichanek, M Salomova, J Jedlicka, J Kuncova, P Pitule, T Macanova, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 1-14, 2020
Influence of surface flattening on biodiversity of terrestrial arthropods during early stages of brown coal spoil heap restoration
J Moradi, P Potocký, P Kočárek, M Bartuška, K Tajovský, F Tichánek, ...
Journal of environmental management 220, 1-7, 2018
Evidence‐based restoration of freshwater biodiversity after mining: Experience from Central European spoil heaps
V Kolar, F Tichanek, R Tropek
Journal of Applied Ecology 58 (9), 1921-1932, 2021
Abnormalities in the cerebellar levels of trophic factors BDNF and GDNF in pcd and lurcher cerebellar mutant mice
M Salomova, F Tichanek, D Jelinkova, J Cendelin
Neuroscience Letters 725, 134870, 2020
The endangered damselfly Coenagrion ornatum in post-mining streams: population size, habitat requirements and restoration
F Tichanek, R Tropek
Journal of insect conservation 20, 701-710, 2016
Long-term development of embryonic cerebellar grafts in two strains of Lurcher mice
J Cendelin, Z Purkartova, J Kubik, E Ulbricht, F Tichanek, Y Kolinko
The Cerebellum 17, 428-437, 2018
Survival in colon, rectal and small intestinal cancers in the Nordic countries through a half century
F Tichanek, A Försti, V Liska, A Hemminki, K Hemminki
Cancers 15 (3), 991, 2023
Using virtual microscopy for the development of sampling strategies in quantitative histology and design‐based stereology
Y Kolinko, A Malečková, P Kochová, M Grajciarová, T Blassová, T Kural, ...
Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia 51 (1), 3-22, 2022
Cerebellar degeneration averts blindness-induced despaired behavior during spatial task in mice
J Cendelin, F Tichanek
Neuroscience Letters, 134854, 2020
Embryonic cerebellar graft morphology differs in two mouse models of cerebellar degeneration
Z Purkartova, F Tichanek, Y Kolinko, J Cendelin
The Cerebellum 18, 855-865, 2019
Forced activity and environmental enrichment mildly improve manifestation of rapid cerebellar degeneration in mice
M Salomova, F Tichanek, D Jelinkova, J Cendelin
Behavioural Brain Research 401, 113060, 2021
Psychiatric-like impairments in mouse models of spinocerebellar ataxias
F Tichanek
The Cerebellum 22 (1), 14-25, 2023
Long‐term incidence in hepatocellular carcinoma and intrahepatic bile duct cancer in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, role of Thorotrast?
K Hemminki, F Tichanek, A Försti, O Hemminki, V Liska, A Hemminki
International Journal of Cancer 151 (4), 510-517, 2022
Survival in melanoma in the nordic countries into the era of targeted and immunological therapies
F Tichanek, A Försti, A Hemminki, O Hemminki, K Hemminki
European Journal of Cancer 186, 133-141, 2023
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