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Experimental assessment of the feeding effort of three scleractinian coral species during a thermal stress: Effect on the rates of photosynthesis
C Ferrier-Pagès, C Rottier, E Beraud, O Levy
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The response of the scleractinian coral Turbinaria reniformis to thermal stress depends on the nitrogen status of the coral holobiont
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Photochemical response of the scleractinian coral Stylophora pistillata to some sunscreen ingredients
JP Fel, C Lacherez, A Bensetra, S Mezzache, E Béraud, M Léonard, ...
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Comparative assessment of Mediterranean gorgonian-associated microbial communities reveals conserved core and locally variant bacteria
JAJM van de Water, R Melkonian, CR Voolstra, H Junca, E Beraud, ...
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Genotoxic effects and induction of phytochelatins in the presence of cadmium in Vicia faba roots
E Béraud, S Cotelle, P Leroy, JF Férard
Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis 633 (2 …, 2007
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Coral productivity is co-limited by bicarbonate and ammonium availability
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Photophysiology and daily primary production of a temperate symbiotic gorgonian
C Ferrier-Pagès, S Reynaud, E Béraud, C Rottier, D Menu, G Duong, ...
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In situ assessment of the daily primary production of the temperate symbiotic coral Cladocora caespitosa
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Plastics are a new threat to Palau’s coral reefs
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Acute exposure to perfluorooctane sulfonate exacerbates heat-induced oxidative stress in a tropical coral species.
VN Bednarz, S Choyke, LFB Marangoni, EI Otto, E Béraud, M Metian, ...
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Unveiling microbiome changes in Mediterranean octocorals during the 2022 marine heatwaves: quantifying key bacterial symbionts and potential pathogens
C Prioux, R Tignat-Perrier, O Gervais, T Estaque, Q Schull, S Reynaud, ...
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The invisible threat: how microplastics endanger corals
V Bednarz, M Leal, E Béraud, JF Marques, C Ferrier-Pagès
Frontiers for Young Minds 9, 2021
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