Kristopher M Smith
Citované v
Citované v
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Winners, losers, and posers: The effect of power poses on testosterone and risk-taking following competition
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Hadza men with lower voice pitch have a better hunting reputation
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Why hunt? Why gather? Why share? Hadza assessments of foraging and food-sharing motive
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Hadza hunter-gatherers are not deontologists and do not prefer deontologists as social partners
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Long-distance social relationships can both undercut and promote local natural resource management
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Friends near and afar, through thick and thin: Comparing contingency of help between close-distance and long-distance friends in Tanzanian fishing villages
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Evaluating Information and Misinformation during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence for Epistemic Vigilance
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Lying about the future: Shuar-Achuar epistemic norms, predictions, and commitments
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Hearing prosocial stories increases Hadza hunter-gatherers’ generosity in an economic game
KM Smith, IA Mabulla, CL Apicella
Human Nature 34 (1), 103-121, 2023
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