Palmyre H Boucherie
Palmyre H Boucherie
Department of Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
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What constitutes “social complexity” and “social intelligence” in birds? Lessons from ravens
PH Boucherie, MC Loretto, JJM Massen, T Bugnyar
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 73, 1-14, 2019
Bonding beyond the pair in a monogamous bird: impact on social structure in adult rooks (Corvus frugilegus)
PH Boucherie, MM Mariette, C Bret, V Dufour
Behaviour 153 (8), 897-925, 2016
Why preen others? Predictors of allopreening in parrots and corvids and comparisons to grooming in great apes
A Morales Picard, R Mundry, AM Auersperg, ER Boeving, PH Boucherie, ...
Ethology 126 (2), 207-228, 2020
Dominance in a socially dynamic setting: hierarchical structure and conflict dynamics in ravens' foraging groups
PH Boucherie, M Gallego-Abenza, JJM Massen, T Bugnyar
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 377 (1845), 20200446, 2022
A longitudinal network analysis of social dynamics in rooks corvus frugilegus: repeated group modifications do not affect social network in captive rooks
PH Boucherie, S Sosa, C Pasquaretta, V Dufour
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Beyond the dichotomy between field and lab—the importance of studying cognition in context
L Horn, G Cimarelli, PH Boucherie, V Šlipogor, T Bugnyar
Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 46, 101172, 2022
Effect of rearing style on the development of social behaviour in young ravens (Corvus corax)
PH Boucherie, C Blum, T Bugnyar
Ethology 126 (6), 595-609, 2020
Early evidence for emotional play contagion in juvenile ravens
K Wenig, PH Boucherie, T Bugnyar
Animal Cognition 24, 717-729, 2021
Not much ado about something: behavioural mechanisms of pair bond separation and formation in long-term pairing rooks
PH Boucherie, N Poulin, V Dufour
Écoscience 25 (1), 71-83, 2018
Early social environment affects attention to social cues in juvenile common ravens, Corvus corax
M Gallego-Abenza, PH Boucherie, T Bugnyar
Royal Society Open Science 9 (6), 220132, 2022
Sex-specific parental care during postfledging in common ravens
S Ersoy, N Maag, T Boehly, PH Boucherie, T Bugnyar
Animal Behaviour 181, 95-103, 2021
Layers of social organisation in rooks, a monogamous bird species
P Boucherie
Strasbourg, 2016
Spontaneous vocal coordination of vocalizations to water noise in rooks (Corvus frugilegus): An exploratory study
M Tomasek, A Ravignani, PH Boucherie, S Van Meyel, V Dufour
Ecology and Evolution 13 (2), e9791, 2023
Cognition in Context
PH Boucherie, G Cimarelli, L Horn, V Šlipogor, T Bugnyar
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society 43 (43), 2021
Layers of Social Organisation in Rooks, a Monogamous Bird Species: Niveaux D'organisation Sociale Chez Le Corbeau Freux, Une Espèce D'oiseau Monogame
P Boucherie
Université de Strasbourg, 2017
Niveaux d'organisation sociale chez le corbeau freux, une espèce d'oiseau monogame
P Boucherie
Université de Strasbourg, 2016
Analyse des réseaux sociaux appliquée à l’éthologie et l’écologie, 1
F Amblard, C Assali, P Boucherie, CAH Bousquet, C Bret, R Cazabet, ...
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