Michael J Lawes
Michael J Lawes
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Resprouting as a key functional trait: how buds, protection and resources drive persistence after fire
PJ Clarke, MJ Lawes, JJ Midgley, BB Lamont, F Ojeda, GE Burrows, ...
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An estimate of the number of tropical tree species
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The influence of climate change on the distribution of indigenous forest in KwaZulu‐Natal, South Africa
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Do food availability, parasitism, and stress have synergistic effects on red colobus populations living in forest fragments?
CA Chapman, MD Wasserman, TR Gillespie, ML Speirs, MJ Lawes, ...
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The 10 Australian ecosystems most vulnerable to tipping points
WF Laurance, B Dell, SM Turton, MJ Lawes, LB Hutley, H McCallum, ...
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Savanna woody plant dynamics: the role of fire and herbivory, separately and synergistically
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Bark thickness determines fire resistance of selected tree species from fire-prone tropical savanna in north Australia
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How do small savanna trees avoid stem mortality by fire? The roles of stem diameter, height and bark thickness
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SR Pryke, S Andersson, MJ Lawes, SE Piper
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The dynamics and sustainable use of high-value tree species of the coastal Pondoland forests of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
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Agonistic carotenoid signalling in male red-collared widowbirds: aggression related to the colour signal of both the territory owner and model intruder
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The distribution of the samango monkey (Cercopithecus mitis erythrarchus Peters, 1852 and Cercopithecus mitis labiatus I. Geoffroy, 1843) and forest history in southern Africa
MJ Lawes
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How many birds are killed by cats in Australia?
JCZ Woinarski, BP Murphy, SM Legge, ST Garnett, MJ Lawes, S Comer, ...
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Criteria and indicators for assessing the sustainability of forest management: conservation of biodiversity
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What hope for African primate diversity?
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Patch occupancy and potential metapopulation dynamics of three forest mammals in fragmented afromontane forest in South Africa
MJ Lawes, PE Mealin, SE Piper
Conservation biology 14 (4), 1088-1098, 2000
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