Gareth Arnott
Gareth Arnott
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Citované v
Assessment of fighting ability in animal contests
G Arnott, RW Elwood
Animal Behaviour 77 (5), 991-1004, 2009
Information gathering and decision making about resource value in animal contests
G Arnott, RW Elwood
Animal Behaviour 76 (3), 529-542, 2008
The welfare implications of large litter size in the domestic pig I: biological factors
KMD Rutherford, EM Baxter, RB D'eath, SP Turner, G Arnott, R Roehe, ...
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The welfare implications of large litter size in the domestic pig II: management factors
EM Baxter, KMD Rutherford, RB D’eath, G Arnott, SP Turner, P Sandøe, ...
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Welfare of dairy cows in continuously housed and pasture-based production systems
G Arnott, CP Ferris, NE O’connell
Animal 11 (2), 261-273, 2017
Injurious tail biting in pigs: how can it be controlled in existing systems without tail docking?
RB D’eath, G Arnott, SP Turner, T Jensen, HP Lahrmann, ME Busch, ...
Animal 8 (9), 1479-1497, 2014
Understanding how animals fight with Lloyd Morgan's canon
RW Elwood, G Arnott
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Fighting for shells: how private information about resource value changes hermit crab pre-fight displays and escalated fight behaviour
G Arnott, RW Elwood
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 274 (1628), 3011-3017, 2007
Integrating Personality Research and Animal Contest Theory: Aggressiveness in the Green Swordtail Xiphophorus helleri
AJ Wilson, M de Boer, G Arnott, A Grimmer
Plos one 6 (11), e28024, 2011
Affect-driven attention biases as animal welfare indicators: review and methods
A Crump, G Arnott, EJ Bethell
Animals 8 (8), 136, 2018
Gender differences in aggressive behaviour in convict cichlids
G Arnott, RW Elwood
Animal behaviour 78 (5), 1221-1227, 2009
Board invited review: the importance of the gestation period for welfare of calves: maternal stressors and difficult births
G Arnott, D Roberts, JA Rooke, SP Turner, AB Lawrence, KMD Rutherford
Journal of Animal Science 90 (13), 5021-5034, 2012
Complex contests and the influence of aggressiveness in pigs
I Camerlink, G Arnott, M Farish, SP Turner
Animal Behaviour 121, 71-78, 2016
Long term benefits on social behaviour after early life socialization of piglets
I Camerlink, M Farish, RB D’Eath, G Arnott, SP Turner
Animals 8 (11), 192, 2018
Aggressiveness as a component of fighting ability in pigs using a game-theoretical framework
I Camerlink, SP Turner, M Farish, G Arnott
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Microplastics disrupt hermit crab shell selection
A Crump, C Mullens, EJ Bethell, EM Cunningham, G Arnott
Biology letters 16 (4), 20200030, 2020
Probing aggressive motivation in a cichlid fish
G Arnott, R Elwood
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Pasture access affects behavioral indicators of wellbeing in dairy cows
A Crump, K Jenkins, EJ Bethell, CP Ferris, G Arnott
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Lateralization of lateral displays in convict cichlids
G Arnott, C Ashton, RW Elwood
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Social network properties predict chronic aggression in commercial pig systems
S Foister, A Doeschl-Wilson, R Roehe, G Arnott, L Boyle, S Turner
PLoS One 13 (10), e0205122, 2018
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