Watcharaporn Thapana
Watcharaporn Thapana
Laboratory of Animal Cytogenetics & Comparative Genomics, Department of Genetics, Kasetsart
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High genetic diversity and demographic history of captive Siamese and Saltwater crocodiles suggest the first step toward the establishment of a breeding and reintroduction …
S Lapbenjakul, W Thapana, P Twilprawat, N Muangmai, T Kanchanaketu, ...
PLoS One 12 (9), e0184526, 2017
Higher-order repeat structure in alpha satellite DNA occurs in New World monkeys and is not confined to hominoids
P Sujiwattanarat, W Thapana, K Srikulnath, Y Hirai, H Hirai, A Koga
Scientific Reports 5 (1), 10315, 2015
Role of chromosome changes in Crocodylus evolution and diversity
K Srikulnath, W Thapana, N Muangmai
Genomics & Informatics 13 (4), 102, 2015
Lack of satellite DNA species-specific homogenization and relationship to chromosomal rearrangements in monitor lizards (Varanidae, Squamata)
O Prakhongcheep, W Thapana, A Suntronpong, W Singchat, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 17, 1-14, 2017
Karyological characterization and identification of four repetitive element groups (the 18S–28S rRNA gene, telomeric sequences, microsatellite repeat motifs, Rex retroelements …
A Suntronpong, W Thapana, P Twilprawat, O Prakhongcheep, ...
Comparative Cytogenetics 11 (3), 435, 2017
Reduction in the structural instability of cloned eukaryotic tandem-repeat DNA by low-temperature culturing of host bacteria
W Thapana, P Sujiwattanarat, K Srikulnath, H Hirai, A Koga
Genetics Research 96, e13, 2014
Characterization of five complete Cyrtodactylus mitogenome structures reveals low structural diversity and conservation of repeated sequences in the lineage
P Areesirisuk, N Muangmai, K Kunya, W Singchat, S Sillapaprayoon, ...
PeerJ 6, e6121, 2018
Concerted and Independent Evolution of Control Regions 1 and 2 of Water Monitor Lizards (Varanus salvator macromaculatus) and Different Phylogenetic …
W Thapana, N Ariyaraphong, P Wongtienchai, N Laopichienpong, ...
Animals 12 (2), 148, 2022
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