Pieter De Maayer
Pieter De Maayer
School of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of the Witwatersrand
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Citované v
Some like it cold: understanding the survival strategies of psychrophiles
P De Maayer, D Anderson, C Cary, DA Cowan
EMBO reports 15 (5), 508-517, 2014
Xerotolerant bacteria: surviving through a dry spell
PH Lebre, P De Maayer, DA Cowan
Nature Reviews Microbiology 16, 2017
Metagenomics of extreme environments
DA Cowan, JB Ramond, TP Makhalanyane, P De Maayer
Current opinion in microbiology 25, 97-102, 2015
Metagenomic analysis of the viral community in N amib D esert hypoliths
EM Adriaenssens, L Van Zyl, P De Maayer, E Rubagotti, E Rybicki, ...
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Phylogenomic re-assessment of the thermophilic genus Geobacillus
H Aliyu, P Lebre, J Blom, D Cowan, P De Maayer
Systematic and applied microbiology 39 (8), 527-533, 2016
Analysis of the Pantoea ananatis pan-genome reveals factors underlying its ability to colonize and interact with plant, insect and vertebrate hosts
P De Maayer, WY Chan, E Rubagotti, SN Venter, IK Toth, PRJ Birch, ...
BMC genomics 15, 1-14, 2014
Comparative genomics of the type VI secretion systems of Pantoea and Erwinia species reveals the presence of putative effector islands that may be translocated …
P De Maayer, SN Venter, T Kamber, B Duffy, TA Coutinho, THM Smits
BMC genomics 12, 1-15, 2011
Anticancer agents from diverse natural sources
J Khazir, DL Riley, LA Pilcher, P De-Maayer, BA Mir
Natural product communications 9 (11), 1934578X1400901130, 2014
Genome Sequence of Pantoea ananatis LMG20103, the Causative Agent of Eucalyptus Blight and Dieback
P De Maayer, WY Chan, SN Venter, IK Toth, PRJ Birch, F Joubert, ...
Journal of Bacteriology 192 (11), 2936-2937, 2010
The large universal Pantoea plasmid LPP-1 plays a major role in biological and ecological diversification
P De Maayer, WY Chan, J Blom, SN Venter, B Duffy, THM Smits, ...
Bmc Genomics 13, 1-12, 2012
Pantoea ananatis: genomic insights into a versatile pathogen
T Weller‐Stuart, P De Maayer, T Coutinho
Molecular plant pathology 18 (9), 1191-1198, 2017
Specific Microbial Communities Associate with the Rhizosphere of Welwitschia mirabilis, a Living Fossil
A Valverde, P De Maayer, T Oberholster, J Henschel, MK Louw, D Cowan
PLoS One 11 (4), e0153353, 2016
Comparative analysis of the Geobacillus hemicellulose utilization locus reveals a highly variable target for improved hemicellulolysis
P De Maayer, PJ Brumm, DA Mead, DA Cowan
BMC genomics 15, 1-17, 2014
Swimming and twitching motility are essential for attachment and virulence of Pantoea ananatis in onion seedlings
T Weller‐Stuart, IAN Toth, P De Maayer, T Coutinho
Molecular Plant Pathology 18 (5), 734-745, 2017
Complete genome sequence of clinical isolate Pantoea ananatis LMG 5342
P De Maayer, WY Chan, F Rezzonico, A Bühlmann, SN Venter, J Blom, ...
Journal of Bacteriology 194 (6), 1615-1616, 2012
CO-dependent hydrogen production by the facultative anaerobe Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius
T Mohr, H Aliyu, R Küchlin, S Polliack, M Zwick, A Neumann, D Cowan, ...
Microbial cell factories 17, 1-12, 2018
Genomic analysis of six new Geobacillus strains reveals highly conserved carbohydrate degradation architectures and strategies
P Brumm, P De Maayer, D Mead, D Cowan
Frontiers in Microbiology 6, 430, 2015
Flashy flagella: flagellin modification is relatively common and highly versatile among the Enterobacteriaceae
P De Maayer, DA Cowan
BMC genomics 17, 1-13, 2016
Phylogenomic resolution of the bacterial genus Pantoea and its relationship with Erwinia and Tatumella
M Palmer, E Steenkamp, M Coetzee, WY Chan, E van Zyl, P De Maayer, ...
Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek, 1-23, 2017
The genome of the Antarctic polyextremophile Nesterenkonia sp. AN1 reveals adaptive strategies for survival under multiple stress conditions
H Aliyu, P De Maayer, D Cowan
FEMS microbiology ecology 92 (4), fiw032, 2016
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