Simona Paolacci
Simona Paolacci
Research project coordinator, AquaBioTech Group
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Citované v
A taxonomic revision of Lemna sect. Uninerves (Lemnaceae)
M Bog, KS Sree, J Fuchs, PTN Hoang, I Schubert, J Kuever, A Rabenstein, ...
Taxon 69 (1), 56-66, 2020
The invasive duckweed Lemna minuta Kunth displays a different light utilisation strategy than native Lemna minor Linnaeus
S Paolacci, S Harrison, MAK Jansen
Aquatic Botany 146, 8-14, 2018
A comparative study of the nutrient responses of the invasive duckweed Lemna minuta, and the native, co-generic species Lemna minor
S Paolacci, S Harrison, MAK Jansen
Aquatic Botany 134, 47-53, 2016
Duckweed bioreactors: Challenges and opportunities for large-scale indoor cultivation of Lemnaceae
NE Coughlan, É Walsh, P Bolger, G Burnell, N O'Leary, M O'Mahoney, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 336, 130285, 2022
The importance of the calcium-to-magnesium ratio for phytoremediation of dairy industry wastewater using the aquatic plant Lemna minor L.
É Walsh, S Paolacci, G Burnell, MAK Jansen
International Journal of Phytoremediation 22 (7), 694-702, 2020
Competition Between Lemna minuta, Lemna minor, and Azolla filiculoides. Growing Fast or Being Steadfast?
S Paolacci, MAK Jansen, S Harrison
Frontiers in Chemistry 6, 207, 2018
Wastewater valorisation in an integrated multitrophic aquaculture system; assessing nutrient removal and biomass production by duckweed species
S Paolacci, V Stejskal, D Toner, MAK Jansen
Environmental Pollution 302, 119059, 2022
Labels on seafood products in different European countries and their compliance to EU legislation
S Paolacci, R Mendes, R Klapper, A Velasco, G Ramilo-Fernandez, ...
Marine Policy 134, 104810, 2021
Estimation of the potential of Lemna minor for effluent remediation in integrated multi-trophic aquaculture using newly developed synthetic aquaculture wastewater
S Paolacci, V Stejskal, MAK Jansen
Aquaculture International 29, 2101-2118, 2021
A novel multitrophic concept for the cultivation of fish and duckweed: A technical note
V Stejskal, S Paolacci, D Toner, MAK Jansen
Journal of Cleaner Production 366, 132881, 2022
Are alien species necessarily stress sensitive? A case study on Lemna minuta and Lemna minor
S Paolacci, S Harrison, MAK Jansen
Flora 249, 31-39, 2018
Clonal diversity amongst island populations of alien, invasive Lemna minuta Kunth
S Paolacci, M Bog, U Lautenschlager, R Bonfield, KJ Appenroth, ...
Biological Invasions 23 (8), 2649-2660, 2021
Metabolically active angiosperms survive passage through the digestive tract of a large-bodied waterbird
S Paolacci, MAK Jansen, V Stejskal, TC Kelly, NE Coughlan
Royal Society Open Science 10 (3), 230090, 2023
Nettle (Urtica dioica) Additive as a Growth Promoter and Immune Stimulator in Fish
M Zare, N Esmaeili, S Paolacci, V Stejskal
Aquaculture Nutrition 2023, 2023
Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture; Analysing Contributions of Different Biological Compartments to Nutrient Removal in a Duckweed-Based Water Remediation System
S Paolacci, V Stejskal, D Toner, MAK Jansen
Plants 11 (22), 3103, 2022
Effect of Deployment and Harvest Date on Growth and High-Value Compounds of Farmed Alaria esculenta
S Blanco, M Sapatinha, M Mackey, J Maguire, S Paolacci, S Gonçalves, ...
Marine Drugs 21 (5), 305, 2023
Aquatic plant extracts and coverage mediate larval mosquito survivorship and development
RN Cuthbert, GYW Vong, S Paolacci, JTA Dick, A Callaghan, ...
Biological control 145, 104263, 2020
A comparative study of ecophysiological traits of the invasive species Lemna minuta Kunth and the native Lemna minor Linnaeus
S Paolacci
University College Cork, 2016
Circular and inclusive utilization of alternative proteins: A European and Mediterranean perspective
CG Athanassiou, S Smetana, D Pleissner, A Tassoni, L Gasco, F Gai, ...
Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 100892, 2024
Seafood labelling in different eu countries and their compliance to eu regulations
S Paolacci, R Mendes, R Klapper, A Velasco, G Ramilo-Fernández, ...
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